The Things Parents Say

Earlier in the year, Roni and I went to a live show for the comedian Brian Regan.  We both enjoyed his previous routines, and if you haven’t heard of him, you should check out some of his DVDs on Netflix, or at the very least run a search for him on YouTube.  He’s got some good stuff, and it is pretty much all family friendly.

As part of his routine, he did a bit about how as parents, you say things to your children that no human should have to say to another human.  He then told a story about how his daughter and he were play wrestling on the floor, when she got up onto the couch, and jumped from the couch onto his head.  He had to say, “Please don’t jump on daddy’s head!”

Ever since then, Roni and I have tried to keep track of the odd things we’ve said to the Bwun.

“Why are you scraping crackers on your tummy?”

“Stop putting your meatballs in your milk!!”

“Is that cupboard your little office?”

“Stop checking that monkey for poop!”

“Why did you paint the couch with Oreos??”

So, you other parents out there, what crazy things have you said to your children?

tl;dr- kids are lolz


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