So much to do, so little time

This past week we’ve been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I’m happy to say that the bedroom is just as clean as it was in the picture I showed you recently, the bathroom is almost sparkling, the living room is tidy, and…the other rooms are well on their way to perfection.

This new week is the Romgi’s last week of class before his TWO weeks of finals. Fortunately for me, my mom is coming out to help for a few days. With house and kid stuff – not with finals. Sorry, the Romgi, you’re on your own.

(And then we have Christmas shopping to do, and I start classes in about a month, and how does life feel so BUSY when we really aren’t doing much?)

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for the dinosaucer shirt.

As you can see, it looks great on me.

Love, the Bwun

Adventures in Baking Adventurously

A short while ago, Roni found a recipe for a cake that looked tremendously delicious.  We knew we had to try it.  It was for a chocolate pumpkin cake (original recipe here).  We both love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and this recipe sounded like the natural extension of that love.

For those of you who don’t know, the problem is that we have neither a real oven, nor do we have a real stove.  We do have, however, a toaster oven and a portable butane stove to bake and cook with.  Despite our significant handicap, we decided to give the recipe a go.  We were not disappointed.

So, other than carrot cake, I had never made a cake without using a boxed cake mix as a base.  I was a little bit nervous that the cake would come out all wrong when we tried to make it.  But, we made the batter and it was actually quite good.  The pumpkin purée went into the batter, but it wasn’t as overwhelmingly PUMPKIN as I expected.

The Bwun approved!

We baked the first layer, and popped in some Perry Mason to pass the time while the first layer cooled.  We leveled the layer and we were both surprised at how moist and chocolaty the cake was.  A definite winner!  Sadly, by the time the second layer was done, the Bwun was in bed, so we couldn’t really fire up the mixer to get started on making the frosting.

However, as soon as the Bwun woke up the next morning, I started on the frosting.  The frosting had a bit of cocoa powder in it; this made it  wonderful and rich.  The only thing I would change would be to leave out the cinnamon that the recipe calls for (It almost feels like it detracts from the rest of the cake).  We put the frosting on the cake, and let the it sit in the fridge for a good long while.

The final step is what really brought this cake into perfection; we started making the ganache topping.  It was very simple, and very tasty.    Just a little cream, chocolate and butter, and it was ready to go!

Not pictured: restraint

We waited for a few minutes for the ganache to cool, and then poured it over the top of the cake and let it run down the sides.  Here was the end result.


Not the prettiest looking thing we’ve ever made, but wasn’t bad for having been made in a glorified toaster!  The pumpkin made the chocolate cake moist and delicious, and the combination of the sweet cream cheese/whipped cream frosting and the rich ganache made for the perfect topping.  If you’re in the mood for some seasonal fun, this cake is a must try!  I think it was certainly good enough to make it into our cookbook.


The Romgi and I decided to make that delicious-looking chocolate pumpkin cake I posted a picture of recently. Are you jealous? It’s a little tricky when we have a tiny little oven (only one layer can bake at a time), a tiny little toddler, and a tiny little baby. Oh, and only one mixing bowl. Yeah.

But we had fun making the layers tonight – tomorrow we’ll do the frosting and take pictures and then EAT IT. Mmmm.

After we finished mixing the batter, the Bwun wanted to try some. Being responsible parents, we let him.

Also pictured: clean dishes. That is all. Ignore anything else you think you see.

I’ll let you know how the cake turns out!

We made it!

Yesterday was my official due date. Ha ha. And today, jr is 4 weeks old! This last month has flown by, especially compared to how long I know it would have felt if I were still pregnant. Bleh.


Thanks for a fun month!

Cuteness overload: NOT my kids!

I know, right? You thought I would only say “cute” about my kids. Not true, folks.

This is also cute:

In this adorable game the Romgi got for me last Christmas, a little blob-shaped alien needs a little boy’s help to get home. And the blob likes to eat jelly beans. And each flavor of jelly bean makes the blob transform into something awesome, like a cannon or a hole in the floor or a ladder. If you’re confused, don’t be. Be jealous that I have this game where you can press a button just to make the little boy give the blob a hug. Seriously? It’s a cuteness overload every time I play.

P.S. But my kids ARE still cute.

Still improving

You know what’s even better than trying to be perfect, failing, and feeling miserable? Having a husband who’s willing to help you clean the house.

Last night the Romgi helped me clean our bedroom. It was a too-overwhelming-to-start situation for me, but we divided things up and got it cleaned after the kids were in bed. (No way can anything be tidy when the Bwun is awake. That kid knows how to make a mess!) Then it just took a quick vacuuming and presto – a clean room! Also, I did 7 loads of laundry and I’ve got easily 5 more to do tomorrow. But hey, we like having clean things.

That awesome turtle pillow was a Christmas gift from my brother a bajillion years ago. It's still comfy. But the Romgi has sort of claimed it. That's ok, I've claimed almost every single one of the Romgi's tshirts. I use them for pajamas. And just chillin'.

And the incredible 70s pillowcases are borrowed (ahem) from the Romgi's parents. I think I saw a matching sheet set in their linen closet once. Not that I was looking or anything.

Angry about the mess. (No, not really.)

Peaceful and content, now that it's clean.

Other news…? I have 6 more books to read by the end of the year. One is a picture book. This is doable, right? I can’t believe I’m having trouble reading 26 books in a year! Oh well. My kids are cute, so I guess I’m a winner anyway.