Family pictures

Last month we had family pictures taken. You may wonder why we didn’t just wait until jr was born. Well, the Romgi wondered that too, but he was nice enough to humor me. I figured it would be nice to have new pictures done at the beginning of every school year, and then pictures of just the kids around Christmas time. There might have been an additional motive of not wanting photos of me with all that baby weight leftover after having jr – you’re meant to be bigger during pregnancy, so it seemed ok to take pictures now instead of later!

I spent a few months trying to find a photographer that was professional, affordable, and contemporary (read: not a portrait studio), and who would let us have the copyright to the images. I wasn’t interested in paying $10 for a single 5×7 print. Sorry, world. I eventually found Stowell Photography, and I’m so glad I did. The photographer, Jeremy, met all my requirements and was a lot of fun to work with.

So…want to see some pictures? There are a lot. If for some reason you don’t like looking at pictures of us (in which case, why are you reading my blog?) feel free to come back later.

And lastly, I’m including this one because I tried explaining to the photographer what an unnatural pose this was for me, and because the Romgi says I look “smug.” I say I’ve never looked smug a day in my life.


Dear Aunt Kendy,

Thank you for the authentic Canadian moose. Please watch the clip below and tell me if you think the Bwun is capable of providing a good home for the moose:

For the record, the Bwun doesn’t usually comply so readily as he did at the beginning of the video. But he would like to share some more animal sounds with you as a token of his gratitude for the moose:

(The Bwun has other tricks, too, but I never manage to capture them on video. His new specialty is checking stuffed animals, cars, and people for poop.)

Also, the nursery is now 95% complete! You may be able to see the new silver wall, as well as the part of the adjacent blue wall that has now been repainted. Pictures forthcoming…soon.


All of us here