No more Mondays!

Today is just not going the way I’d like. So you get to hear me complain (a little) about it.

I can’t sleep! I know this is no big surprise, but trust me, I would have waited longer – or forever – to have another kid if I had remembered pregnancy being like this. Blarg it’s so uncomfortable! All the Tylenol and hot baths in the world won’t help (trust me, I’ve tried). I have a lot of projects I’d like to work on, but not the energy to do them. So in the middle of the night I just get grouchy and fussy and pretty much like the Bwun when he doesn’t get enough sleep. We’re very alike sometimes.

The Bwun had a really long nap yesterday afternoon – it was almost 4 hours! Because of that, he went to bed much later than usual (normally he doesn’t take a nap at all). And for whatever reason, he got up earlier than usual this morning. I like to make the Romgi get the Bwun up in the morning, mainly because I hate mornings and the Romgi doesn’t. But the Romgi was enjoying a nice hot bath (trying to be like me?) and I don’t think he even heard the Bwun pounding on his door to be let out. (It is kind of cute. He’ll knock for a few seconds and then say, “Hello?” The process is repeated with the knocks turning into hammering – with the aid of a toy – until someone does let him out.) At any rate, the little sleep I got was interrupted by the sound of BANG BANG BANG “Hello?”

When I opened the Bwun’s door, he gave me a disgusted look and said, “Pa!” before marching off down the hallway to find the Romgi. Sigh.

Recently we’ve had some repairs around the house that need to be taken care of. Our landlord has a handyman, Norman, who we can call when there’s a problem. After a few weeks of putting it off, we finally got in touch with him this morning. The Romgi explained the situation and gave Norman my cell phone number so he could work out a time with me. (I’ve had trouble before with Norman dropping by unannounced to do repairs, and specifically indicated that I need a phone call beforehand so I know he’s coming.) Apparently Norman said he could take care of it “sometime today.”

I spent part of the morning cleaning up around the house (always a challenge when the Bwun is roaming free) and waiting to hear from Norman. I couldn’t really hop in the shower and hope he didn’t call, because last time I tried that – I put the volume on the phone all the way up – he actually came to our house unannounced again, and pounded on the door (like the Bwun!) until I got out of the shower, quickly dressed, and got to the door. (When I opened it he asked, “Is this a good time to come fix your shower?” No, Norman, it is not.) And I couldn’t leave to go run my errands because who knew when would be convenient for him to come do repairs? I was stuck, and grouchy.

In all of that, the Bwun managed to make a giant mess and find a pen to color on his new silver wall. Also, he fussed every time I talked to him, threw the food I gave him (the food he asked for!), and kicked when I changed his diaper. Kids! My goodness! I know the Bwun makes up for it in many ways…but today was just a challenge.

The rest of my day: I sobbed, talked (complained) to my mom, decided to have a bath anyway, and went to run errands. I figured if Norman called and was ready to come over, I’d just head home and finish the errands later. I wanted to get something frumpy and comfy to wear (read: muumuu), and we needed a few other things from the store; I need to start assembling the Bwun’s Halloween costume; and I have some letters to mail. And stamps to buy.

Can you believe that Target sells absolutely nothing frumpy? I suppose I should have gone to K-Mart or Walmart. I’ll just wait and get hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law, but it would have been nice to frump around the house today. The Bwun fell asleep in the car on the way to Target, which meant he got a 10-minute nap. He got mad at me for putting him back in the carseat once we were done shopping, so I skipped the other errands and just came home. He was too ornery to deal with in public.

Minutes after I got home, Norman called. He explained that he was just at our house but no one was there.


(Fortunately he left the hardware we need to replace, and general instructions on how to do it. If we the Romgi can’t figure it out, Norman can come by tomorrow to do it.)

The Bwun is now in his room “napping.” I think he has a top molar coming in. He’s had several tantrums and time outs since we got home (it’s only been half an hour!) so I thought maybe he and I could both use a break. Even if he’s not sleeping, he’s being calm in his room, which is better than what he was like out here.

But the day will get better. Right? The Romgi will be home from class in an hour, and he’ll help me clean up the messes and make dinner and be a normal, happy person again. I just wish I had something frumpy to wear! It seems like the perfect thing for such a grumpy day.


The Things Parents Say

Earlier in the year, Roni and I went to a live show for the comedian Brian Regan.  We both enjoyed his previous routines, and if you haven’t heard of him, you should check out some of his DVDs on Netflix, or at the very least run a search for him on YouTube.  He’s got some good stuff, and it is pretty much all family friendly.

As part of his routine, he did a bit about how as parents, you say things to your children that no human should have to say to another human.  He then told a story about how his daughter and he were play wrestling on the floor, when she got up onto the couch, and jumped from the couch onto his head.  He had to say, “Please don’t jump on daddy’s head!”

Ever since then, Roni and I have tried to keep track of the odd things we’ve said to the Bwun.

“Why are you scraping crackers on your tummy?”

“Stop putting your meatballs in your milk!!”

“Is that cupboard your little office?”

“Stop checking that monkey for poop!”

“Why did you paint the couch with Oreos??”

So, you other parents out there, what crazy things have you said to your children?

tl;dr- kids are lolz