We’ve survived another day without the Bwun accidentally (or intentionally) squashing jr. In fact, he still thinks she’s the greatest thing – aside from having his picture taken. He seems to have figured out that if he lies down next to her, I’ll get out the camera. Clever guy!

The Bwun asked to "hoe-wee" (hold it). He did pretty well...with help.

And he gave her a "muk" (smooch) on her cheek.

For whatever reason, the Bwun wanted his clothes off. He stopped throwing tantrums after I calmed him down and got his clothes off, so it seems like it was worth it to humor him. Once he was down to his diaper he wanted to take pictures with jr. Okay...?

My favorite kids!

It’s worth noting that the Bwun has also figured out you’re supposed to smile when someone takes your picture. He makes this ridiculously cheesy grin…usually it turns out being cute, but sometimes it looks more like a sneer.

Here are a few final shots of our cute little girl:

Squinty. Pretty typical.