I’ve heard the Bwun say “sad” a few times before, but only when he was repeating after me if I asked him if he was sad. But yesterday I learned that he can recognize this facial expression:

That’s about how I looked last night when I slipped on the bathroom rug and fell flat on the floor. I was trying to get the Bwun ready for a bath (which he decided he did NOT want once I put him in), and somehow the rug moved instead of staying nicely where it usually does. Kerplop! Mostly I hurt my feet, but the stress of a long day, a fussy toddler, and a husband gone at a law school function – in addition to the shock of falling – made me sit on the floor sobbing for a few minutes.

At first the Bwun burst into tears as well, probably because he didn’t know what was going on. He buried his face in his little hands and cried his eyes out. Then after he calmed down he looked at me, said, “Sad!”, and came over and sat on my lap. He was quiet for a minute before looking up at me and asked, “Hug?”

And it pretty well made everything better.