Haiku for Life

The bacon sizzles,
the seasoned potatoes fry,
Mika, “what cravings?”

Yet another child,
will they play together well?
Most likely not yet.

A clear winter day,
sun shines brightly, but the ice
remains slippery

Magic the card game:
at the Gatecrash pre-release,
why so little life?

No Shave November?
Mika decrees otherwise:
“No Sweets December!”

Salty crunchy chips
Not for sharing with the kids
But they eat them all

Always messy house
Full-time student, full-time mom
Is there any rest?

Chasing back and forth
Laughing maniacally
Evan loves the dog.

Playing with my son,
“Really great monster costume!”
There was no costume.

Don’t crush your sister!
She does not understand you.
She is very small.

4 ten hour workdays,
arrive early, but leave late.
Glad Fridays are free!

Taxable Estate:
Property owned by the dead.
Why so difficult?

Little “helper guy”
wants to help so very much.
But will he break it?

Finals are coming
Suddenly there is much fear,
cram all day and night.

The chili cook-off,
will we win it all tonight?
Only the best wins.

A quiet household,
all mouths silently chew cake.
The Bwun cries no more.

Watching Hoarding show
Spent rest of the day cleaning
Why is there so much?

Crying in the night
So small, only a week old
Noisy, but Joyful

for such a short life- Christian,
One day: born, loved, died.

A difficult year
comes to its natural end.
New Year, a fresh start.

Three varied flavors,
The holiday popcorn tin,
Only cheese remains.

Which present is mine?
Are mine bigger than June’s gifts?
The Christmas spirit.

On difficult days,
you must remember the good,
and forget the bad.

Her mango-fire hair,
kookaburra, the babbiece,
so many nicknames.


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