From time to time I look at my list of things for the Day Zero project and realize there are a lot of items I could get done right now – if I had better habits. My problem, aside from being a rather lazy person, is that I want to be perfect overnight. I know you can’t just swap all of your bad habits for good ones, but wouldn’t that be nice? What I don’t understand is why bad habits are so much easier in the first place!

Some of the things on my list require changing my habits for a short period of time (at least), like drinking enough water every day for a week (although I’m guessing this will be a lot easier once I have jr and I’m crazy-thirsty all the time), stop eating desserts/treats for a month (this may never happen, since the Romgi just informed me that the gas station down the street sells Dunford donuts), and writing in my journal at least once a week for a year (I was so good at writing every night before! Now I’m lucky if I get once a month or even every three months).

Others are creative projects, like making a pillow, finishing the quilt Krista and I started 2 or 3 years ago, inventing a recipe, and creating a “me” style.

Then there are one-time things that I ought to be able to make time for: see a movie on opening day (I can’t even remember when the last time I did that was!), donate blood (which obviously will have to wait until after I have jr), play chess with the Romgi (I got him a really cool chess set as a wedding gift, but I hate playing because I try to think too far ahead), and learn a new word.

What are small and big goals you’ve set for yourself? Many of the things on my list won’t necessarily make me a better person in the long run, but I hope I’ll enjoy doing all of them – or at the very least, have tried doing something new.

My biggest challenge on the list: memorizing all the state capitals. I can’t even name all 50 states (although I used to know all 50 Jelly Belly flavors). Yes, it’s sad, but ask the Romgi how bad I am at geography. It’s pretty embarrassing. It seems like memorizing the capitals is also a good way to learn the states, and I could probably do it in the quieter hours when the Bwun is off playing with his toys. But the task feels so daunting!

Do you have a goal that you keep putting off because it seems too difficult?

I want to finish my 26 books this year, but it’s getting awfully close to the end of the year (considering the projects left in the next month and the new baby thereafter) and I still have 9 left. Maybe you could give me some encouragement! I need to read books by authors whose last names start with A, E, J, L, O, Q, V, X, and Z. Suggestions?


The great countdown has begun

Oh, to finally be in the last weeks of pregnancy! Why are these last weeks so long? I think it’s to make up for essentially skipping the first four.

But now there are only four left! Right now I’m at 35 weeks and a few days, and my doctor is willing to induce me right at 39 weeks. Of course, that doesn’t actually work out for us, since the Romgi has a once-a-week class on Monday evening that he absolutely can’t miss…and while I’d like to count on another short 4-hour labor, I’m not sure I can promise that we’d be done with the having-a-baby part and onto the sitting-around-in-the-hospital part by then.

My next option is to be induced the next Wednesday (November 17), but for some reason I don’t particularly want this baby on an odd-numbered day (except 11/11). Yes, I know it’s strange. So I might wait until the 18th to be induced. The Romgi only has one class on Thursdays and he can easily make up a missed lecture for that, which means it would be convenient for everybody.

Four weeks from today! This pregnancy has gone a lot more quickly than the last, but it certainly seems to be dragging on now. I just keep reminding myself that I have several projects to finish before we have jr, including two baby showers to attend (for me!) and no carseat yet.

That being said…I think I’ll go make a countdown chain now.