It’s been really nice to spend more time with my kids recently. With finals over, I haven’t had any deadlines to meet or assignments to finish or textbooks to read. And I decided to just let the house be for a few more days (it’s suffered greatly this semester).

The Bwun is talking and talking and talking almost nonstop. He’s also being bossy almost nonstop. We are working hard to put a stop to this. For some reason he’s gotten it into his head that he wants to be the one who feeds jr. Um, she’s just been nursing…so it’s a bit amusing that the Bwun would like to be in charge. When I sit down to feed her he’ll come over and say, “Jr! No eating!” (See? Bossy.) Other times he’ll boss me around: “No! Stop feeding jr!” Usually I address his bossiness by making him repeat the order as a request, and a fair amount of the time, I then deny his request. With something like feeding jr, I think that’s reasonable, right?

At the moment the Bwun’s favorite things are Grandpa, construction machinery, tools, cooking, “helping” me wash dishes, and anything involving the stroller.

Jr is six months old (!) and so close to crawling. She’s a pro at getting up on all fours and often ends up on her tiptoes, bottom in the air. For the past few days she’s been scooting around but just can’t figure out that she needs to move her hands instead of just her legs to crawl. Her hair is getting lighter – and a tiny bit red? Her eyes are dark green, just like the Bwun’s were at this stage. We’ll see if they stay green or turn brown.

By far jr’s favorite things are the Bwun and the Bwun’s toys.

I think this summer we’ll get one of those little inflatable pools and spend time out in the front yard under the tree. A neighbor had one last year and the Bwun really enjoyed splashing in it. Other plans this summer: a trip to Lake Tahoe for a family reunion, and maybe a visit to my parents’ house too. Most of all I’m looking forward to spending more time with my cute kids.


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