As promised, now that I’m done complaining here are some things I do like:

  • getting another hour of sleep this morning.
  • antibiotics finally making some difference with my “not-strep-throat” illness.
  • clementines.
  • the Romgi has a full-time job lined up that lasts all summer and continues part-time next school year! Which means we don’t have to move, AND we’ll be getting some money!
  • General Conference this weekend; Elder Cook’s talk most of all.
  • resolving to be more cautious about what I read, and turn to non-fiction more often, in order to be educated rather than simply entertained.
  • hospital socks (I didn’t get a new pair, though!).
  • classes end next week.
  • thanks to me being a good test-taker, even in high school, I still have money in my California Governor’s Scholarship fund and it will pay for 2 independent study classes. That way I don’t need to do crazy-busy classes on campus this summer, and I can stay right on track for finishing in December.
  • watching jr learn how to crawl is amazing. Also, she shrieks and yowls when she doesn’t know how to move. It’s adorable, in a weird way.
  • you guys read my blog even though sometimes it must be fairly dull. Thanks, guys.