General Conference: Sunday afternoon

{ President Henry B. Eyring conducting }

{ choir: I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly }

{ prayer }

{ choir: I Am Trying to Be Like Jesus }

Elder Richard G. Scott
Two pillars of plan of happiness are marriage and family
Temple ordinances bind family together for eternity
Draw closer together as a family through the temple, more joy in mortality
Don’t waste time in idle pursuits – create an eternal family
Be mentally faithful to your spouse
Be kind, supportive of spouse and children
Tell your spouse often how much you love them
Pure love is an incomparable potent power for good
Mothers given divine instincts to understand their children
Marriage is wonderful!
Times of extreme happiness, times of testing, times of trial – together
Ideal setting for overcoming tendency to be selfish
With certainty, you will receive every promised blessing for which you are worthy

Elder D. Todd Christofferson
God of high expectations
3 Nephi 12:48
{ rest of talk lost to changing diapers etc. }

Elder Carl B. Pratt
{ feeding jr }
Lord remembers promises to those who pay tithing
Paying our debts to the Lord will help us be honest to our fellow men
Exodus 22:29
Show faith in the Lord by paying tithing first, honestly; teach children to do same
Don’t assume that since tithing is paid in money, we’ll be blessed with money
We are not promised wealth
Money and bank accounts are not God’s “richest blessings”
Regular tithe-payers find their testimonies strengthened

{ choir: Come, Ye Children of the Lord }

Elder Lynn G Robbins
What manner of men ought ye to be?
To be and to do are inseparable
Be without do is merely self-deception
Do without be is hypocrisy
Matthew 23:23
We create to-do lists, but rarely to-be lists
Events and activities can be checked off when done
Being is not an event
We are never done being good people
Christlike to-bes are the motivating force behind what we do
Discipline implies patience and teaching, never anger
{ jr is being wild }
Challenging children are an opportunity for us to become more Christlike
Never let failure progress from an action to an identity
Neither professions nor possessions should define identity or worth

Elder Benjamin De Hoyos
By living the gospel, we will become sanctified
Set apart time from our busy lives to rescue those alienated from church
{ my kids are really being crazy }

Well, I made it through almost all sessions! Only two talks were completely missed. Did you guys enjoy General Conference?


General Conference: Sunday morning

{ President Henry B. Eyring conducting }

{ choir: O Thou Rock of Our Salvation }

{ choir: Sabbath Day }

{ prayer }

{ choir: Hark All Ye Nations }

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
God hears and answers the prayers of his children
Some feel unless they have a Saul-like experience, they cannot believe
They wait at the threshold of testimony but cannot bring themselves to acknowledge their faith
Want some traumatic event to compel them to believe; waiting on the road to Damascus
Those who diligently seek to learn of Christ will eventually find testimony, a piece at a time
Each piece helps us see the big picture a little more clearly
Looking back on experience we see that Savior had indeed come to be with us, quietly, gently, almost unnoticed
Our Father in heaven loves his children
Often God speaks to us in ways we can hear only with our heart
To better hear his voice, it would be wise to turn down the volume of the worldly noise in our lives
Learn to hearken to promptings of spirit, then be eager to hear
Strive to be among those whom the Lord can rely on to hear his whisperings and to respond
Lord, what will thou have me to do?
Revelations of the spirit may not come directly to us as the answer to our prayers
Study it out first, then pray for guidance as we seek answers to questions and concerns
God will hear and answer our prayers
Answers through voice and wisdom of trusted friends and family, scriptures, prophets
Some of the most powerful promptings we receive are for the benefit of others
If we think only for ourselves, we may miss some of the most profound spiritual experiences of our lives
“It is usually through another person that [God] meets our needs.”
Covenant responsibility to be sensitive to the needs of others; serve as Savior did
Answer to prayer often does not come while we are on knees but on feet serving others
Acts of service refine our spirit, open windows of heaven
Becoming answer to another’s prayer often leads to finding answer to our own prayer
God entrusts testimony of truth to those who will share it with others
Members of the church should open their mouths at all times declaring the gospel
We have a glad message of joy to share
“It’s easy for you [to cope], you have your church!”
Remember when using social media to share gospel – all at the right time and the right place
Live according to our beliefs and people will notice
“Preach the gospel at all times, and, if necessary, use words.” -St. Francis of Assisi
John 20:29
Courageously move forward in faith, hope, and charity

Paul V. Johnson
Affliction is part of our mortal experience
Why must we face difficult challenges?
Trial of our faith to see if we will do all the Lord has commanded
Handle afflictions properly and they will be consecrated for our gain
Trials often address aspects of our life with which we feel least able to cope
“Why me? I’m trying to be good.”
Furnace of affliction helps purify even the very best of saints
Even rich ore needs refining to remove impurities
Being good is not enough – we need to be like the Savior
Darkest, most dangerous tests often immediately precede remarkable events and growth
Often a particular challenge helps prepare us for something vitally important
Coming blessings far outweigh pain, humiliation, or heartbreak of present trial
2 Corinthians 4:17
“Light affliction” – Paul went through many trials to this point
We don’t seek out tests, trials, tribulations
Personal journey will provide just the right amount for our needs
Sometimes we want growth without challenges, strength without struggle
Growth does not come by taking the easy way
We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us
Romans 8:35, 37

Bishop H. David Burton
“Will this buy me any bread?”
Church must be concerned with temporal needs of its members
Welfare program is a result of revelation
Commitment to relieve suffering was certain and irrevocable
{ the Bwun }
Emphasis on personal responsibility and self-reliance
Helping people help themselves
Self-reliance is a product of provident living, economic self-discipline
Avoid debt, implement principles of thrift, prepare for times of distress, follow words of prophets, distinguish needs/wants and live accordingly
Celestial principles of sacrifice and consecration learned through helping others
Cloth of righteous societies woven with golden threads of charity
D&C 81:5
We are under condemnation if we do not aid the needy
“Be kind to the poor.”
{ the Bwun brought in a bottle of baby lotion. “I wansome woshun!” Then he saw an empty cup. “I wansome juice!” }

{ choir and congregation: Let Us All Rejoice }

Sister Silvia H. Allred
{ getting juice }
Visiting teachers are often first response in times of immediate needs
Should rejoice at the opportunities we have to serve others
Our combined efforts bring relief to the poor, needy, downtrodden
{ seriously, I don’t know what the Bwun is up to this morning }
Luke 21:3-4
Every member throughout world has opportunity to serve
It is usually through another person that the Lord answers our prayers

Elder David A. Bednar
Turn on light in dark room – unseen and uncertain became clear and recognizable
Immediate and intense recognition
Night into morning – slow, almost imperceptible increase in light
Gradual, steady increase; subtle discernment of light
Spirit of revelation and basic patterns whereby revelation is received
Sincere desire and worthiness invite spirit of revelation into our lives
Ask in faith with honest heart, believing we will receive
Thoughts, feelings in our minds and hearts by power of Holy Ghost
Shun inappropriate media, harmful substances and behaviors
Can impair and destroy our capacity to recognize and respond messages from God
Consider how we can reject devil’s enticements
Some revelations are immediate and intense, others gradual and subtle
Communications from Heavenly Father gradually distill upon our souls as the dews from heaven
Fundamental truths of restored gospel not delivered all at once
{ the Bwun just shouted, “Tower. I made a TOWER!” }
{ jr woke up }
Sunrise on overcast morning is more difficult to discern, but light is sufficient
Do our best even during times of uncertainty
We may not see angels, hear heavenly voices, or have overwhelming spiritual impressions
Walk with confidence that God will guide our steps
D&C 121:45
Light will illuminate and enlarge soul, regardless of if it comes as light switch or sunrise

{ choir: Have I Done Any Good? }

President Thomas S. Monson
Welfare program of LDS church is inspired of God
3 years since sustaining as prophet
1902 Joseph F. Smith hoped that there would be temples built worldwide for convenience of people
1830-1980 21 temples built
1980-2011 115 temples built
26 temples under construction or in pre-construction stages
Make the temple as accessible as possible
Renewed sense of thankfulness for temple
Temples are more than stone and mortar
Filled with faith and fasting; sanctified of sacrifice and service
Some degree of sacrifice has ever been required for the building of temples
Why are so many willing to give so much?
No sacrifice is too great, no price too heavy, no struggle too difficult to receive blessings of temple
Permit us to someday return to our Heavenly Father in an eternal family relationship
85% of members live within 200 miles of temple
**Set aside the time in your busy lives to visit the temple regularly
Always have the temple in your sights
“It would be a fine thing if parents would have in every bedroom of their house a picture of the temple.” -Spencer W. Kimball
Each temple is an expression of our testimony
Life beyond the grave is as real and as certain as is our life here on earth

{ choir: The Spirit of God }