Today I’ll take my last two finals of the semester.

Are you paying attention?! This is huge! The Romgi and I were both doing school full-time, and we have two little attention-hungry kids, and we made it! I’m relieved and a little shocked that I made it through.

Things I’ve learned this semester, academically and otherwise:

Nietzsche. Interesting, but not my favorite.

  • I have more self-discipline than I gave myself credit for. I admit, I didn’t always attend my deviance class, mainly because it was once a week and the teacher read PowerPoints word-for-word; the slides just paraphrased the textbook and were posted online. But, aside from that, I did the reading before each class, wrote papers, took tests, and might even get a 4.0 this semester. WOW!
  • It is really difficult to focus on schoolwork when the Bwun and jr are clamoring for me. Dorothy Smith would refer to this as the bifurcation of consciousness that occurs when we occupy both the concrete, physical, embodied world (parenting, usually women’s work) and the abstract, textual world (academics, usually men’s work). Thank you, Contemporary Sociological Theory.
  • The movie Groundhog Day is Nietzschian thought, pure and simple.
  • In terms of BYU geography, it really doesn’t make any sense to park by the Smith Fieldhouse if you’re heading to the JKB. On the first day of class I was running late and hadn’t spent much time on campus in about 3 years, so I parked just outside the Smith Fieldhouse and ran up, up, up, up all the stairs to my class in the JKB. At the time I was in the midst of a terrible cold, and running through the freezing air was not good for my lungs.
  • At BYU it is possible to be docked points on a paper for being “too academic.”
  • There are no Rolos in the south vending machines in the JFSB basement.
  • My classmates are a little bit younger than me. In my women’s studies class there was at least one girl who was 18. Seriously, 18. Just imagine how old I’ll feel when I go to law school in 5-10 years!
  • The Romgi is so supportive. I really appreciate how willing he’s been to let me shut myself in the other room to work on papers or study for tests. He gave up a lot of his own study time so that I could do well in my classes. THANKS!