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The Host

by Stephenie Meyer

{ 2008 | Little, Brown and Company | 619 pgs }

You may recall that I admitted to reading the Twilight series and even (gasp) to enjoying it. I know, we all have faults. Let’s move past that. I don’t think anyone should read Twilight now because The Host is such an infinitely better book.

All I knew about The Host was that “It’s about aliens.” This is somewhat comparable to being told that Watership Down “is about rabbits.” Well, okay. That doesn’t really say anything, you know? Here’s how I would summarize it: while the premise of the book is that an alien race, which requires host bodies in order to live, has come to earth and taken over human bodies; but of course, the story isn’t so one-dimensional. In fact, it’s a rich, complex story, which the author has described as something along the lines of “science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction.” I’ve got nothing against science fiction, myself, but I think she’s right on with that description. It never felt like I was reading about bodysnatchers.

Aside from the fascinating story line, the book is one I’d recommend because the writing is great. I know Stephenie Meyer has been a heavily criticized author. But I thought she had really ingenious story ideas here and wrote them wonderfully. I’m going to ask you to trust me a little here and try reading The Host, even if you’re anti-Twilight. I don’t think this is similar, but it is superior. I just wish it had gotten more acclaim.

P.S. Katie, do you want your copy of The Host back now…?