You know how we try not to judge people? I’m terrible at that. Really terrible. But it’s mostly because other people are terrible parents.

Tonight we were at a law school party, thrown by the wives’ club. The Bwun was having a great time running around with other kids. He was across the room from me when I saw a little girl (probably a year or two older than him) walk up and push him over. It was absolutely intentional and unprovoked. Behind me I heard the girl’s mom say, “No, no. That’s not nice.” And that was the end of it.

I know I tend to keep a very close eye on the Bwun, and it’s probably too involved. But I think there’s something to be said for paying attention to what he does and actually responding. If the Bwun pushed someone over – or pushed them at all – and I saw it, he’d go straight into time out, regardless of where we were. Otherwise it would just seem like he can get away with bad behavior as long as there are a lot of other kids around, and as long as I was busy socializing.

I do enjoy getting to spend time with other grownups. But when I have my kids with me, they take priority. I don’t necessarily enjoy that part – it would be nice to not be a mom every single minute. That’s what I am, though. Being a bad parent is easy. Being a good parent is exhausting. I may be exhausted…but I prefer that to letting the Bwun bully other kids. (He’s too little to be much of a threat, anyway.)



Remember to do that thing.