The Case of the Sulky Girl

by Erle Stanley Gardner

{ 1933 }

I won’t admit how much of my legal “knowledge” comes from Perry Mason, both the books and the TV show. You’ll definitely learn a lot from The Case of the Sulky Girl. Of course, I can’t say how much of what you learn will be accurate! Again, the plot here was strikingly different from that of the TV show, but it was enjoyable. By the way, I’m now accepting gifts of Perry Mason books. Thank you.


One Comment on “The Case of the Sulky Girl”

  1. Aubrey says:

    We were just visiting Jardan’s family, and we were recording some family history…and my father in law told me about a time when he was taken to court when he was in jr. high. He was in the 1st group to be part of a de-segregated school in Philadelphia (one of only a few African American kids), and was unjustly accused of beating up an older, bigger white kid. The court didn’t provide him with a lawyer, and the school prevented teachers from testifying on his behalf (they wanted to segregate schools again). He told us that the night before the trial he stayed up all night watching Perry Mason and the next day defended himself in court Perry Mason style! No kidding. He and the other African American kids got off with probation (although it stayed on his record until the 70s!). So don’t trivialize the legal knowledge gained from Perry Mason! :)

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