General Conference: Saturday morning

The Bwun had a late night yesterday, so he’s still asleep. How long do you think I can blog before he wants my attention?

{ President Dieter F. Uchtdorf conducting }

{ choir }

{ prayer }

President Thomas S. Monson
Rededication of Laie Hawaii Temple
New temples: Fort Collins, CO; Meridian, ID; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Humanitarian aid: distributed 70+ tons of supplies to disaster victims in Japan
Over 40k hours of service from 4k volunteers
Tithes and contributions
52k+ missionaries throughout world; missionary work is lifeblood of church

{ choir – We Listen to a Prophet’s Voice }

Elder L. Tom Perry
Voice of God living’s prophet, Thomas S. Monson
Blessed to have his teachings and example
Sunday School studying New Testament, focuses on life and influence of Savior
Jesus had dual citizenship in heaven and in earth
World is saturated with doctrine of man
Don’t lose sight of New Testament – centerpiece of history, should be of our lives
Priceless pearls of wisdom
Accounts of Paul organizing Savior’s church
1 Timothy 4:12 Be thou an example of the believers
Continue to be example of believers by how we treat Sabbath day
Sabbath day blessed and sanctified by God
Exodus 20:8
Worship the Lord thy God
Jesus showed disciples how to take sacrament in remembrance of his Atonement
Conferred priesthood upon disciples in Americas and intsituted the sacrament
Pattern of Sabbath day observance lasted through apostasy
Peter, James, John appeared to Joseph Smith; gave priesthood necessary for administering sacrament
Young priesthood holders qualify themselves by earnestly living commandments
Sacrament in center of Sabbath day observance
D&C 59:9-13
1. Keep ourselves unspotted from world
2. Go to house of prayer and offer up sacraments
3. Rest from our labors
John 17:14
Avoid business and recreation facilities
Dress appropriately – Sunday best is not out-of-date
Activities we plan should help prepare us for taking sacrament
Confess and forsake our sins to God and to those we have offended
{ The Bwun woke up, thankfully Grandma got donuts for breakfast }
{ After he told me “I wake up” he said “I bless you. I bless Mama.” }
Savior of the world drank from bitter cup for my sake
My cup runneth over with blessings of infinite, eternal Atonement
Prepare to conduct ourselves in manner that will call down blessings
Greatest joy we receive in this life is from following the Savior

Sister Jean A. Stevens
Children are key to helping us become like Savior
Matthew 18:13
Children have believing hearts, receptive to spirit, exemplify humility and obedience
{ stories }
We can listen for Heavenly Father’s voice to give us strength to endure challenges of life
Mosiah 3:19
3 Nephi 17:23
“Notice that He didn’t say glance at them or casually observe them…He said to behold them. …Embrace them with our eyes and our hearts.”
Home is place to learn and grow together
Primary song: The Family is of God
{ The Bwun burst into tears, something about his donut }

Walter F. Gonzalez
Journalist observed that church men treated their wives well – “Is that real or fiction?”
Desire to follow Savior from people worldwide
Any person can know for themselves that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus in a vision
Priesthood was restored, Book of Mormon is testament
Recognize to what extent we are followers of Christ
1. Followers of Christ are loving people
2. Followers of Christ make and keep covenants
We follow the Savior—
{ The Bwun freaked out about something }
Partaking of sacrament, attending temple often are ways to remember our covenants
Feel blessings of remembering and renewing covenants; doing so is expression of love
Show a willingness to be a follower of Christ
{ also, jr went down for a nap, not without a fight }

{ choir/congregation: I Know That My Redeemer Lives }

Kent F. Richards
Surgeon inflicts, tries to control and alleviate pain
Purpose of pain?
{ The Bwun freaked out again }
“Pain brings you to a humility that allows you to ponder.” – Richard D. Hales
Physical pain remarkably similar to spiritual pain
Opposition is part of plan of happiness
Savior is not a silent observer to our suffering
Hebrews 4:16
Atonement covers all conditions of human existence
3 Nephi 9:13
3 Nephi 27 14
Jesus’s mortal ministry devoted to healing sick in body and spirit
Alma 7:11-12
Christ chose to experience pains and afflictions in order to understand us (could have learned by revelation)
Matthew 8:16
Healing is suited to our individual needs
Cures or lifts burden; given understanding or patience to bear burdens
All souls can be healed by Christ’s power
Find rest unto our souls
Mortal circumstances may not immediately change, but fear, worry, and pain can be soothed
Children often quietly endure with humility and meekness
D&C 50:40
John 10:11
Pray, work, wait patiently for healing of bodies and souls
Job 23:10
Christ is the Great Physician and Great Healer

Elder Quentin L. Cook
Wallace Stegner (historian) impressed with devotion of early Latter-Day Sain
“Their women were incredible.”
strengh virtue love willingness to sacrifice to raise future generations
Women believe more fervently, attend more religious services; more religious in general
Doctrine is clear: women are daughters of God, wives are equals to husbands
Predominant attitude of early saints was devotion of sisters
Faith of sisters willing to leave homes was inspiring
Most significant attribute was unwavering faith in restoration of gospel (priceless legacy)
{ The Bwun fell down }
Priesthood leadership gratefully acknowledge work, contribution, sacrifice of women
Beautiful to see priesthood & Relief Society work in perfect harmony
Resulting symphony inspires all of us
Commitment of young women to church standards
“I don’t believe women need any more unpaid jobs.”
LDS women are overwhelmingly satisfied with their role in church leadership
{ The Bwun wanted ice and wouldn’t let anyone else get it for him }
Incredible because of how they face the trial of life
All members labor in vineyard for salvation of the souls of men
Bishops should delegate more responsibilities; members should sustain and support him
Enormous forces arrayed against women and families
For some, marriage and family are becoming a menu choice rather than central organizing principle of society
Are we tv-time-rich and family-time-poor?
1. No woman should ever feel need to apologize or feel deficient because she devotes her time and energy to raising children.
2. We should all be careful not to be judgmental or assume sisters are less valiant if the decision is made to work outside the home.
Single mothers: God is not unaware of you; neither is the church
We strive to be accommodating and receptive to both men and women
Hymn: “As Sisters in Zion” – “the errand of angels is given to women”
Women, you are incredible!

{ choir: I have no idea what this song is }

Elder Henry B. Eyring
Honor and celebrate what the Lord has done and is doing to serve the poor and needy among His children
God has created ways to bless those who need help adn those who will give it
He hears prayers of those who need food, clothes, dignity of self-reliance
Pleas have always reached him
Invites us to consecrate time, means, selves to serving others
Law of consecration/United Order – now Church Welfare Program
Lord’s way to help temporal needs requires us to consecrate ourselves and all we have to God
Participate in this work – we have covenanted to do so!
Renew this covenant every week
Strengthen our commitment to act
Hymn: “Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?”
God sends wake-up calls to all of us
We’re all touched by feelings of sympathy, even for those we don’t know
Turn sympathy into decision to act on covenants
Wise parents see every need of others as way to bring blessings into their own children’s lives
Feeling of quiet satisfaction
Hymn: “Sweet is the Work”
Fast offerings, even when we don’t have much to give
“What would you like us to do?”
Miracle of sympathy turn into unselfish action
1. Everyone is happier and feels more self-respect when they can provide for themselves and their family, and then reach out to take care of others.
Grateful for those who helped him become self-reliant, use surplus to help others
“You cannot give yourself poor in this work.” -Marion G. Romney
“A person cannot give a crust to the Lord without receiving a loaf in return.” -Melvin J. Ballard
2. The power and blessing of unity when we join hands to serve people in need.
J. Reuben Clark, Jr. “That giving has brought a feeling of common brotherhood as men…worked side-by-side.”
3. Draw your family into the work with you so that they can learn to care for each other as they care for others.
4. Seek out the poor.
Participate in a Day of Service, seek revelation in deciding on projects
1. Prepare yourself and those you lead, spiritually
Only soft hearts can clearly see goal of project as blessing spiritually and temporally
2. Choose as recipients people within kingdom or community whose needs will touch those who give service.
3. Plan to draw on power of bonds in families, quorums, communities; feelings of unity will grow.
Seize opportunities to lift up the hands that hang down

{ choir: High On the Mountain Top }


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