General Conference: Saturday afternoon

{ President Dieter F. Uchtdorf conducting }

{ choir: How Firm a Foundation }

{ prayer }

Sustaining of church officers
Auditing report
Statistical report

{ choir: How Great the Wisdom and the Love }

Elder Boyd K. Packer
400 years since publication of King James Version of Bible
William Tyndale’s work and martyr’s death were not in vain
LDS youth taught to learn from scriptures
Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, D&C
Book of Mormon -> Mormon Church (misnomer)
Lord visited Nephites, 3 Nephi 27:3-8
“The use of the revealed name The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is increasingly important…Use the full name whenever possible.”
2 Nephi 25:26
The world will refer to us as Mormons, but we should remember we belong to the church of Jesus Christ
Every ordinance done in the name and authority of Jesus Christ
Apostles called and ordained anciently
Disciples taught by Savior after his resurrection
Apostles empowered by Pentecost, reception of Holy Ghost
1829 priesthood restored by John the Baptist, Peter, James, John
Authority of priesthood and gift of Holy Ghost set us apart from other churches
Work of the church performed by ordinary men and women
By power of revelation and gift of Holy Ghost that we perform God’s will
Those who obey Word of Wisdom (D&C 89) will receive “wisdom and great treasures of knowledge”
Everyone is tested; purpose of mortal life
We must, and we can, resist temptation of any kind
Great plan of happiness centers on families
Husband is head of home, wife is heart of home
Forgive offenses – “Leave it alone”
Some dwell on offenses, fall into inactivity in church
Some seek revenge for offense
Forgive, forget, leave it alone
It is not easy to be LDS, but in the long run, it is the only course
Every one of us can be guided by the spirit of revelation

Elder Russell M. Nelson
Death is part of life
We live to die, and we die to live again
Eternal perspective: only premature death is of one who is not prepared to meet God
All the future holds in store…will be shaped by parents, friends, teachers
Our faith now becomes part of our posterity’s faith later
Constantly changing world of competing ideologies
Forces of evil will ever be in opposition to forces of good
Normal risks of life will ever be present
We have great cause for concern, but don’t let fears displace our faith
Combat fear by strengthening faith
Let children feel your faith even when trials come
Let your faith be focused
Teach faith with deep conviction
Teach faith in plan of salvation, that mortality is time of trial and testing
Teach faith to keep all commandments
Cafeteria approach (pick and choose) to obedience will not work
{ both the Bwun and jr needed diaper changes, so the Romgi took over note-taking for me }
Keeping commandments will strengthen faith
Obedience allows blessings to flow without inhibition
Teach faith to provide physical and spiritual protection
When we are faithful the Savior and His angels with save us
Prayer is important to Him
We may need to change our perspective to see that things are for our good
Pray with an eternal perspective
God will heed our sincere prayers
Tithing is an ancient law from God that opens the windows of heaven and protect us
Why do we need faith? Difficult days are ahead
It is rarely helpful to be a faithful latter-day saint
Persecution can crush you into silent weakness, or motivate you to be more faithful
Strength comes when you remember you have divine nature
As you walk in path of righteousness, you will be a light and a savior to others
Blessings of priesthood available to us, can change circumstances of our lives
Fidelity to temple covenants will qualify you and your family for blessings of eternal life
Faithful Saints do not have to fight life’s battles alone – Isaiah 49:25
{ jr wanted to eat; thanks again the Romgi! }
“I testify to you that our promised blessings are beyond measure.” – Thomas S. Monson
Truth, Covenants and Ordinances allow us to face the future with Faith

{choir: Press Forward Saints}

Elder Richard J. Maynes
Doctrine of the family a major point of interest
Truth-seeking investigators are drawn to the doctrine of eternal families
We must understand the nature of our heavenly family
Heavenly Father is the father of our spirits
Recognizing our heavenly family helps us to understand the nature of our earthly families
Same sociality that we have here will continue after death
Family is a critical element in understanding the eternal plan
Selfishness, greed, pornography are major roadblocks to family
Deprivation of family relationships is Satan’s goal
Children are entitle to be born into a family with a mother and father who honor the bounds of fidelity
Family scripture study, prayer not always convenient, simple, or successful
Protections for establishing celestial traditions in the home
Create a culture where the spirit can dwell
Parents will be held accountable before the Lord for their responsibilities
Parents who lead their children astray D&C 68:25
Difficult to overstate importance parents have in teaching their children through word and example
We understand and believe in the eternal nature of the family

Cecil O. Samuelson
Potential questions about testimonies
Gaining and retaining a testimony is straightforward, clear, within the capacity of every person
1. Who is entitled to have a testimony?
Everyone who is willing to pay the price
D&C 1:11
2. How does one obtain the necessary revelation?
Moroni 10:4
Listen, read, study, pray thoughtfully specifically reverently
3. Is gaining a testimony an isolated event or an ongoing process?
Similar to living organism
General advice from young friends and associates
1. Everyone has worth because we are all children of God
2. We must understand that the “mighty change of heart” is often gradual
3. Fundamental purpose of life is to be tested and stretched
4. Learn to trust the things we believe in or know
5. Gaining a testimony is a progression
6. Teaching someone else strengthens our testimony
7. Do little but necessary things daily and regularly
8. Don’t have higher standards for others than for ourselves
9. Being too hard on yourself can be as damaging as being too casual
10. Atonement of Christ is continually operative for each of us when we allow it to be so
John 7:17

Elder Dallin H. Oaks
Importance of desires
Search our hearts to determine what we really desire and how we rank our most important desires
Desires we act on determine our changing, achieving, becoming
Common desires: food (fasting), shelter (camping), sleep (concern)
Enos 1:12
Desire, labor, faith precede fulfillment of Lord’s promises
Faith can begin with no more than a desire to believe
Alma 22:16
Alma 29:4
D&C 137:9
What do we seek?
Do not seek after property, prominence, pride, power
Materialist desires should not be among our priorities
How do we develop desires?
Righteous desires cannot be superficial, impulsive, or temporary; they will be heartfelt, unwavering, permanent
“What we insistently desire over time is what we will become and what we will receive in eternity.”
Desire and work for qualities required to become an eternal being
Forgive all, welfare of others ahead of self, love all God’s children
Begin with desire for qualities; call upon God for help
Moroni 7:48
Some women want careers or other mortal distinctions more than families
Desires shape our priorities

Elder M. Russell Ballard
Demands of everyday life, education, jobs, family, worldly activities can wear us down
How to free ourselves from web of challenges?
1849 Boston merchant caught up in fervor of Gold Rush
Looking for gold nuggets, not flecks
“Patient accumulation…has brought me great wealth”
Alma 37:6
Strive to keep our lives simple, unencumbered by extraneous influences
What are precious, simple things of the gospel?
Matthew 22:35-39
Love God and Christ, then share love with our neighbors
When charity envelopes us, we think, feel, and act more like the Savior does
John 13:34
This is an active love, not manifested through large, heroic deeds but through small acts of service
1. Charity begins at home
Practice the golden rule
3 Nephi 14:12
2. Ward and stake unity
Speak kind words of encouragement; be sensitive to others’ needs
Where charity exists, there is no place for gossip or unkind words
3. Community
Relieve suffering in communities
Countless ways to serve
Heartfelt kindness and service lead to friendship
4. Missionary service
Future growth of church not just through full-time missionaries teaching strangers
Respond to needs in spirit of charitable service
Still, small voice will let us know who needs our help and how to help them
“It is vital that we serve each other.”
“The needs of others are ever-present and each of us can do something to help someone.” -Thomas S. Monson
Most important attribute of God and Christ that we should emulate is gift of charity
Moroni 7:48

{ choir: Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise }


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