as promised

here I am again. stopped in at the office to check on the pdfs, got a for sale sign to put in gabe (haven’t put it in yet), bought new foundation. why oh why do I happen to use the kind that costs $11 apiece? ri-diculous. but there is a cool bird sitting on the phone wire that I can see out my window.

things are in place for me to live at the solarwind place come fall. I’m so terribly excited. julia wrote me back; her birthday is in about a month, and I asked what she wants. she sent me this link and said it should be our house theme. I totally agree. too bad kimberlee doesn’t like reading huh? well, she does like jane austen. and that’s a big step. weird though, I wouldn’t expect kimberlee to be a jane austen fan. favorite movies are the patriot and braveheart, but she loves books like emma and pride and prejudice? does this make sense to anyone else? ok but back to the house thing, it’ll be absolutely awesome times. party party party!

ah yes, so while I was out I stopped by jarom’s house. it just so happens that his sister and her little family are living in california now, and were there visiting for mother’s day…so I talked with his mom and sister for about 10 minutes. his nephew was running around, what an adorable little boy. he made a good topic of conversation. things went pretty well, I can deal with his sister so much better than his mom, but I held up alright. then when I was on my way out to my car, his dad was outside, so I chatted briefly with him. yeah he’s not intimidating, at all. I don’t know why I ever thought he was. I look at him now and I think I can peg his personality fairly well, it’s not what I used to see him as, and definitely not scary. I may have said something stupid though — he made reference to how soon jarom will be home, and I agreed that these past two years have really flown by; then I said, “but it’s good, a lot has changed in the past two years, life has taken me in a lot of new directions.” to which he replied, “yes, for jarom as well.” I’m hoping that wasn’t interpreted as me saying that I’m glad I no longer feel the way I used to towards jarom. I mean, I do feel differently, but not the way I made it sound like. (great grammar, huh?)

at any rate, jarom will be giving his homecoming talk on the 19th of june, which means…kimberlee and quentin can come with me! hallelujah. it’s a very good thing that they’ll both be here.

you know what catalog I love? crow’s nest. I get it because I once bought a book for ryan online, called the quotable cowboy, and it was from a company called russell’s for men. so I get tons of catalogs now that are mostly related to that, and they’re all fun. but crow’s nest is my favorite. lots of cool stuff in that. not affordable, though. (I guess nothing is affordable right now, eh…)

I just feel like rambling right now. but, I promised ryan I’d write the next installment of the falconer story, so better go do that.


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