for the past 36 hours or so I’ve been…detached, somehow, from everything. I was half-awake last night when I realized that was the word for how I felt. weird how these things come. and I’ve read so many books. only one new, but still, they’ve all been pretty long. I just go through them so quickly, and I need more and more. wonder why I have this insatiable need to keep reading? anyway, I haven’t been feeling quite myself, and got mopey-ish about something ryan said. but I’m talking to him right now and it’s so good to just…talk.

p.s. I’ve read 2054 pages in the last 28 hours, which is more impressive if you consider the fact that I was only awake for 19 of those hours, and not reading for all of those. maybe two-thirds. yes I’m awesome.