et itur ad astra

you know what the best song is now? “afer ventus” off enya’s shepherd moons. seriously, it’s the greatest thing ever. for the moment. it feels like walking around on a sunny day with a ridiculous grin inside and I want to start running and leaping and something in me is singing, but can’t quite get out, and the song is also perfect for taking me into the nap I would undoubtedly need after doing all that.

speaking of naps, why am I still up? I’m going to bed.

p.s. I made a new character today to send to ryan, because he asked for a postcard of everyone and I thought I’d give him a treat with it, and then I made a character for kendy. I meant to make one for kimberlee, for her birthday, but I couldn’t get the right animal. in the process I discovered that a barn owl is danged cute and just about perfect for kendy. but, as yet they are private. although my dad gave a name to the collection: mika’s menagerie. awesome.


things to accomplish 04

14. marry my best friend, in the temple
15. see the awesome geological stuff in southern utah
16. memorize the capitals of all 50 states
17. read wind in the willows to all my nieces and nephews
> 18. paint a pretty watercolor and have it framed – DONE 03-21-05