my niece ├Žden

yeah, just try telling me that isn’t the most adorable little girl you’ve ever seen.


out of the wheelchair

it’s time. I’m ready to go back to utah. I have learned the lesson I came home for: it’s okay to make mistakes.

but, having learned that, I face opposition from my parents in going out and applying it. of course I don’t intend to go see what I can fail at. I just need to try new things. even old things. the point of going back to utah is to try again. try everything again and see if it’s easier with my new knowledge, or at least if I survive the fall better.

let me try walking again! I’ve sat in this wheelchair long enough. yes, maybe I’ll be sore; yes, maybe I’ll need help; but I can never fully recuperate until I stand up and start putting one foot in front of the other. and eventually I’ll be good as new. it will take work to get there, I know. but I can’t get there while I’m sitting here.