happy 21st -2.5 months birthday!

yes, that’s right, today is my other birthday. laugh if you want, get angry if you want, call me names if you want. you won’t get any cake if you do.*

to celebrate, I went out and got new tires for my car. ok fine, that was gonna happen anyway, and it actually made the day a little more depressing. I did not want to spend that money. interesting thing happened: when I first told my dad I needed new tires, he said he’d like to come with me when I went to get them. over the past week that turned into me going with him to give input on what I wanted; this morning I saw it had changed completely, into him telling me what tires to get. “these will be the best in terms of cost and quality.” what happened to my input? what happened to it’s my car? I knew it would just turn things sour if I said anything, though, and I do trust his judgment, so I sighed and wrote the check. at least I can drive safely now.

except for the timing belt. I’ve got to get a new timing belt put in. mick sr told me right I got the car that it probably had never been changed, and I’d better do it as soon as possible. well, first off, I didn’t realize it costs as much as it does, and secondly, the timing belt has been in the back of my mind while the tires were worrying me so much. so I guess I never said anything to my dad about needing a new belt. which would’ve been fine, but yesterday my dad came into the office to help me with the cake, and stopped in to talk to mick sr. I had just told mick that I’d be getting new tires, and he’d chastised me about the timing belt, so apparently he mentioned it to my dad. mick seems to think that if I play “daddy’s little girl” I can get my dad to help pay for these costs. yeah right. anyhow, when we got home then I got chastised again because I didn’t bring up the fact that the car needed a new timing belt, as though I were intentionallly not telling him or something. which just isn’t true. gaaa.

six weeks, guys, six weeks. kimberlee called me last night to let me know that she’ll be in fairfield on the 16th-21st!! for reasons I didn’t quite comprehend, she’s flying out here right when quentin comes back from spring term, and then a few days later they’re both flying back to tennessee. quentin will stay for two weeks…the poor guy. I mean kimberlee’s dad is not a bad person, but holy hannah, he’s intimidating. but back to my story. so kimberlee (and quentin) will be here to offer much-needed moral support when jarom comes home.

we also talked, kimberlee and I, about her wedding. she’s decided not to have a wedding dress, since there won’t be a formal reception at all, so she’ll just have a nice temple dress that can be used again. then I got to wondering…as maid of honor, what am I supposed to be doing? the only thing I really know you need a maid of honor for is pictures if you’re doing a temple wedding. and if seestur doesn’t have a wedding dress, that means no matching maid of honor and bridesmaids dresses, yeah? well, check out this page on how to be a maid of honor. it looks like aside from throwing parties I don’t have a lot of responsibility. but boy, there are gonna be some danged good parties!

more later.

* no cake if you’re nice, either. sorry.

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