I'm alive and I'm free, who wouldn't wanna be me?

updates! huzzah!

yep, life is still FABULOUS. at work (which is bleh, by the way) we rotate with cleaning duties — well, on a volunteer basis. and you get $100 for doing it. no taxes, just a check. so I took the duties this week and told jarom I’d split the money with him if he helped me. which means yesterday, and today, and tomorrow we’ve been cleaning for about an hour in the afternoon.

yesterday after we were done, we went to lagoon valley park, and had a wonderfully pleasant walk along the trail. saw a big turtle swimming, two smaller turtles sunning themselves, an egret, some eagles…and some dragonflies. jarom claims he can catch dragonflies, “but not the small ones.” yeah. suuuuure. :) we sat on a picnic table and talked for a while, and semi-almost-cuddled, then as we were heading back to his house he invited me to stay for dinner. afterwards we looked at all his mission pictures, and talked, and talked more with his parents. oh yeah and he said he wants to take me on a DATE! the word finally came up! I told him it doesn’t have to cost money, and in fact the lagoon valley walk could’ve been considered a date, but he maintains that he wants to take me out to dinner and a movie and that sort of thing. which, hey, I’m fine with that. I just love spending time with him. ahhh.

today we were trying to find a mop at work, and finally went in to ask mick sr if there was another somewhere…well, you know how mick sr talks forever; but he’s taken a liking to jarom (me too) and told him to come in tomorrow to talk to mick jr about a job. so that should be fun. when we were done we took a short drive up through gordon valley, just talking. I had a notebook in the backseat with my list of things to accomplish (I know I haven’t posted any lately), so he read that. hopefully he’s trying to think of how we could do some of them like watch a sunset on the beach. that’d be awesome.

anyway, he keeps telling me I look nice and he always gives me these superb hugs and they’re getting longer. even though a part of my brain thinks this whole situation is so…surprising, so how-is-this-really-possible, most of the time it feels…normal. absolutely amazing, but not unexpected or strange.

he likes me :)


iso 9000:2000



mmm he likes me :) we went to rockville branch yesterday, and then to a fireside up in vacaville. took his dad’s car. he tried taking me to lagoon valley park afterwards, but I didn’t have my jacket with me, and it was so windy. too cold. so instead we went for a drive, found a dead end and a pathway, went exploring. in our sunday clothes, me in heels. up a steep hill…discovered a golf course…down the steep hill again, and it honestly was too steep to feel safe climbing down in heels (and too dark to see if I’d be stepping on something very painful if I were barefoot) — so he kept one hand around my waist and the other holding my hand. awesome. when the evening was over I got another brilliant hug and an adorable comment about the problem with hugging me is that it always ends. mmm he likes me :)

the other wonderful spot in my week: I get to start work at 7am now! an extra hour of sleep!! I think the hour from 6-7 is longer than 5-6. no really. don’t ask me to explain, just trust me.

anyway, that’s about everything for now; just thought I’d add some updates…the D word has not come up yet (“dating”), but seeing as he’s only been home 2 weeks — I’m fine with that. there is really no hurry huh? and I think this is going fantastically for now. I wake up with a smile on my face, and that’s all I need at the moment.

ok, bedtime!

“I’ve always wanted … to see the taj mahal, the pillars of karnak. I want to know, not just believe, that the world is round.” -katherine brooke, anne of avonlea (the movie)