Because the Bwun is so fond of the big green blanket, I took it with us when we spent the night at my in-laws’ house last Thursday. We ended up staying an extra night, and leaving in a bit of a rush on Saturday. Guess what I forgot to bring back to our house?


The Bwun fell asleep on the drive home, which meant I was able to tuck him into bed with a different one of my favorite blankets. (I’m a martyr – what can I say?) Everything was fine until jr woke up in the middle of the night. Her crying woke the Bwun up just enough for him to realize that he was under a new blanket.

Much drama ensued.

In fact, only after the Romgi climbed into the Bwun’s bed did the Bwun finally stop sobbing, “I want my big green blanket!” According to the Romgi, several times during the night, the Bwun whimpered about the blanket. That kid is really attached, eh?

So I decided the kids and I had better go retrieve the blanket today. We managed to get it back without incident (thankfully, because Grandpa – the Bwun’s favorite, favorite person – left to run errands, sans Bwun, which would usually be An Incident) and then went to visit Krista. We even got to go out for ice cream! I thought that sounded like a good idea, but apparently the Bwun was under the impression that we were going outside to play on the swings – not go to the ice cream shop.

Much drama ensued.

Correction: the worst tantrum the Bwun has ever thrown ensued.

I’ve seen kids throw tantrums before. The Bwun doesn’t usually get too riled up; when he is upset, we can calm him down most of the time. But this! It was amazing. It was my first wrestling match. I don’t know if you know this, but the Bwun is strong. When I took him to the ER last month, it took me, the doctor, and two nurses to hold him down just to look in his throat. So trying to get him into the carseat during this tantrum when he wasn’t slowed down by sickness – what an experience!

He was still going strong as we headed to the ice cream shop. I’m a thinker, though – I offered him The Blanket. He settled down as soon as I gave it to him. When I looked back he was rubbing it on his lips (I told you he’s obsessed), little trails of tears still on his face.

I guess it’s good to have the blanket back.


2 Comments on “Catastrophe”

  1. KHL says:

    Like I said before, I’ve lived this life. Sympathy!

  2. Sposita says:

    Funny that this should happen today – Boo threw a Huge Fit about me leaving her Fluffy Flanket in the car when we were walking the Dude to school. Ah, the joys of being 2. You feel everything so keenly! :)

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