No Frills

I don’t know why I thought of this the other day, but when I was little I had a bear called the No Frills Bear.

I loved that it had a barcode on its foot. And, you can still find this bear – plenty on eBay and even one on Amazon for about $13. I’m not much of a sentimental person, but I admit, I really want to have this bear again.

Then I got thinking about other toys I had as a kid.

You remember My Little Ponies, but did you know they had a Big Brother line? I had this pirate pony, which Google has informed me is named Barnacle:

For Christmas in 1991 I got this Happy Holidays Barbie, and although her dress started out as a nice deep green, it faded over the years to an indescribable brownish-red color.

My sleep-deprived brain can’t think of any other specific toys at the moment. What about you? Are there toys you remember loving as a kid? Thanks to the vast reaches of the internet, I bet you can find a lot of them still.

Like I said, I’m not usually one to feel sentimental about “things,” but I do want that No Frills Bear!