I hate mornings. I especially hate sleeping poorly and being woken up early by a baby lunging at my face with a mouthful of drool. Who wants that all over their face? Seriously?

Alright, this morning wasn’t that¬†terrible.

Wait. Yes it was. That’s exactly what it was like. The Romgi either doesn’t mind mornings or is just a very motivated, driven person because he starts work at 7. Yeah, 7 a.m. I will say again, publicly, that I prefer not to be awake before 8:30 at the very, very earliest. But the Romgi wakes up at…who knows when? It’s some ungodly hour, I’m sure. He probably thinks it’s cute to see jr lunging at me while I try to fight her off by rolling over.

Not cute.

Not cute at all.

Well…maybe a tiny bit.

But only because she’s having a nap now – finally!