Thanks for entering my giveaway! It was fun to see what books you loved. The winner of the signed copy of Beyonders is…

Stephanie, who said her favorite book is The Giver by Lois Lowry. (Great choice, by the way.)


You should read through the comments on the giveaway post to see what others picked for a book-to-movie adaptation. And then hop over to Stephanie’s Etsy shop, where she sells amazingly adorable bow ties for boys + a few other fun things. The Bwun sports one of Stephanie’s ties and he looks quite dapper.


In celebration of 800 posts, I’m happy to give one of you a signed copy of Brandon Mull‘s new book Beyonders: A World Without Heroes. You may remember that I loved this book and placed it in my list of top 10 favorite books. In other words, it’s really good. And the Romgi and I went in person to have the author sign a copy for you!

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what book you’d like to see made into a movie. (Common sense: please name a book that hasn’t already been adapted.)

I really like having people read my blog, so you can get an extra entry for telling someone else about the giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog. Leave another comment with a link to your post – just one extra entry, even if you do all three things, please.

You can enter until 11:59 pm MDT on Tuesday, June 28. A winner will be drawn at random the following day, and I’ll announce it here and contact the winner via email.

Good luck!

P.S. I did a giveaway when I hit 500 posts, and the publisher provided a copy of the book then. This time, I bought Beyonders with the Romgi’s hard-earned money, so it really is a gift from me. Just because I like you guys!


This is one of those enigmatic posts where I tell you to be sure to come back tomorrow for something very exciting. Here’s a hint: this post you’re reading is #799. And I might feel like celebrating soon.

Weekly cookie jar

Row 1: bowl / embroidery / heart
Row 2: mug / scarf / throw
Row 3: strawberry slicer / campfire / bag
Row 4: card / print / painting
Row 5: perfume / plate / triangle


Summer break is about halfway over! We still have some fun adventures coming up in the next two months, but I’m also looking forward to school starting again.

I have 6 classes left to complete – 1 general ed (physics), a statistics course, social psychology, and 3 400-level sociology classes. The physics, stats, and social psych classes can all be taken through independent study, and my plan was originally to do those during the summer, take the 400-level classes on campus this fall, and graduate in December. (Thankfully, I opted to take a little break, so I basically have the summer to relax.)

I knew trying to take the 400-level classes together would severely limit any flexibility in my schedule; since it will also be the Romgi’s final year of law school, I doubted we’d be able to work around each other’s classes. So I decided I’d just find a babysitter for while I’m at school.

It turned out to be a little more challenging than I thought to find a block of classes. I don’t want to spend an hour on campus in between classes, partly because I’ll be paying someone to watch the kids – and the less babysitting I have to pay that person for, the better. Eventually I was able to enroll in the physics class (Tuesday nights from 6-9 – the Romgi can watch the kids then, and by the way, that is an insane time for class), statistics (MWF at 10am, with a lab on Wednesdays at 9am), and one 400-level sociology class: inequality & society.

One downside right now is that there are several classes I’d like to take, but don’t have time for. I don’t need them to graduate and I’m not sure I can justify spending the extra money on babysitting, not to mention the extra time doing classwork. Here are a few I’d love to take if I could:

Soc 325 – Introduction to Sociology of Religion. This is taught by my favorite professor (he teaches the theory classes), and it sounds fascinating. Before I decided to major in sociology I was working on a (very informal) essay about religion in society. From the description the professor gave, this class is my essay, but better. Lots better.

Soc 365 – Sociology of Aging. There’s a lot of debate about how to care and provide for the elderly. Is it a responsibility of the individual, the community, or the government? This class examines that issue, along with social attitudes about aging and social policies regarding the elderly.

This may surprise you: Soc 328 – Sociology of Sport. I find it fascinating how complex organizations and systems have developed to govern and oversee sports. For example, we have a very clear history of the invention of basketball. In just over 100 years we go from the first game ever played to an official institution regulating professional games, teams, and players. I think it’s an interesting example of how complex systems develop.

Soc 390R – Social Welfare Policy. I imagine that taking this alongside the inequality & society class would be fascinating. I’d also be interested to see the BYU perspective on the topic.

Depending on what’s offered next winter semester, I may or may not be able to take Soc 429 – Social Change & Modernization, which looks at contemporary social change through the various theories we studied in Soc 311; and Soc 470 – Sociology of Law, which I think it fairly self-explanatory.

Then there are some non-sociology classes I’d be interested in taking, like ArtHC 111 – Introduction to Art History; Anthr 101 – Social/Cultural Anthropology (my limited knowledge of anthropology comes from watching Bones, and I’ll be honest, it sounds a lot like sociology…with more physical artifacts), Engl 356 – Myth, Legend, & Folktales; Music 201 – Civilization: Music, which explores history from Greek antiquity to the seventeenth century from the perspective of musical literature; and Phil 110 – Introduction to Philosophy.

But, for now I’ll just be glad that I’ve had the chance to take as many classes as I have. Switching majors four times has been a good experience, I suppose. (And when I finish I will have exactly the number of required credits to graduate. Sociology is a very short major.) What classes would you take, if you could?

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Our caterpillar is getting so big! I wonder how much more it will grow before he makes a cocoon. The Romgi’s extensive research has led us to believe that our caterpillar will turn into a moth. Not quite as fun as a butterfly, but it’s still exciting! I took a few pictures this morning to show you how much it’s grown.

Every day – sometimes twice a day – I give it new leaves (dandelion leaves seem to be a big hit) and clean out the jar. I think I’m having more fun with this than the Bwun is!


Yesterday jr started doing this really strange laugh. Normally she smiles a lot but seldom laughs – this has been going on almost non-stop, though. If it isn’t a laugh, I don’t know what it is.