Weekly cookie jar

Row 1: print / shoes / stamps
Row 2: stamps / photo / necklace
Row 3: necklace / print / necklace
Row 4: ring / dress / bag
Row 5: pillow / painting / necklace


Lately I seem to be very┬átuned in to the weather. Not like I can predict it or anything, but my mood is really dependent on conditions outside. Sunday was gorgeous – amazingly perfect. But yesterday was a little chilly and today, cloudy skies. Rain. Too cold to have the door open.

Consequently, I feel distinctly “meh.” At first I thought it was just this lingering cold, but then I noticed that I felt great on sunny days. And not great on overcast days. Today I’ve been thinking of all the things I could┬ádo, if only I had the energy and motivation. In fact, I’ve thought of a long list of things I could have done with my life by now if not for laziness and a lack of ambition. So, it hasn’t been a very cheerful day for me.

A major problem with these days, aside from their unproductive nature, is that what cheers me up is spending money and eating dessert. I think I need a new cure!

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