The Bwun has stolen.

I may have mentioned this before – a few months ago, the Bwun “borrowed” my favorite blanket, and has now officially claimed it as his own.

One night when the Romgi was putting the Bwun to bed, he (the Romgi) showed him (the Bwun) that the blanket was soft on his cheek. Now the Bwun seems to have a mild obsession with rubbing the blanket on his lips and cheek. "Sooooo soft!" he declares.

It started out innocently enough. He thought it would be a fun blanket to bundle up in. He was right: it’s an enormous blanket, easily covering my queen-sized bed. Then he wanted to be tucked into bed with it at night. I figured I’d eventually get it back, but the Bwun formed an attachment to it. When I put it in the wash one day (I made sure to take him with me, have him put the soap in and shut the lid, etc.), he ran through the house sobbing. “Where’s my big blanket?”

This may sound like typical little-kid fare, but the Bwun has never┬átaken an interest in any specific toy, blanket, or other item. The blanket goes all around our house, though, and quite frankly it’s amusing to watch the Bwun struggle to drag it down the hallway. He loves┬áthat thing.

I did, too.

Good thing I also love the Bwun.