Accomplishments, again

I’ve decided to try doing (or at least starting) one thing from my Day Zero list every week. This week’s goal is #22, watch Miracle on 34th Street. (Really – I’ve never seen it before. No spoilers!)

I think next week I’ll look for a photo album for our wedding photos (#61). But don’t hold me to it.

Baby steps, right? I read a book this weekend for the first time in months – to be fair, it was a re-read: The Client by John Grisham. Actually much more interesting now that I have minimal secondhand knowledge of the legal world. And after finishing that (thanks to the many, many late-night hot baths I’ve been taking) I started on Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. I have the Kindle edition, so no bathtime reading, but today I’ve spent a lot of time lying in bed trying not to have contractions, and it’s nice to have something to do…even if the “something” is just reading.

What do you hope to accomplish this week?


4 Comments on “Accomplishments, again”

  1. Romgi says:

    my goal is to exercise at least 3 times.

  2. KHL says:

    I’ve never watched Miracle on 34th Street either. I have seen parts, but it never captured my attention …

    I plan to go explore further the hiking trail Dad and I went on yesterday. Maybe I’ll do that a couple of times and my regular route a couple of times. That leaves at least 1 day to not get up at a reasonable time after not sleeping the night before!

  3. mikaroni says:

    The Romgi – good luck. I plan to get zero exercise this week. Make up for me, ok?

    KHL – yeah, I don’t think we really watched any Christmas movies growing up. I don’t even know what the plot is. Post pictures of your hike! They’re so fun that I feel (almost) motivated to go on a hike, too.

  4. KHL says:

    Unfortunately, we didn’t take photos because we just needed to exercise! I went again today and went up higher to where the really nice oak woodland started. Even though it was passable after the rain Saturday evening and yesterday, it’s not going to be a decent hike again until well after rainy season. My shoes had mud flaps–mud sticking out past the sides!

    It’s the hills north and west of Hillborn in Rolling Hills.

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