The great countdown has begun

Oh, to finally be in the last weeks of pregnancy! Why are these last weeks so long? I think it’s to make up for essentially skipping the first four.

But now there are only four left! Right now I’m at 35 weeks and a few days, and my doctor is willing to induce me right at 39 weeks. Of course, that doesn’t actually work out for us, since the Romgi has a once-a-week class on Monday evening that he absolutely can’t miss…and while I’d like to count on another short 4-hour labor, I’m not sure I can promise that we’d be done with the having-a-baby part and onto the sitting-around-in-the-hospital part by then.

My next option is to be induced the next Wednesday (November 17), but for some reason I don’t particularly want this baby on an odd-numbered day (except 11/11). Yes, I know it’s strange. So I might wait until the 18th to be induced. The Romgi only has one class on Thursdays and he can easily make up a missed lecture for that, which means it would be convenient for everybody.

Four weeks from today! This pregnancy has gone a lot more quickly than the last, but it certainly seems to be dragging on now. I just keep reminding myself that I have several projects to finish before we have jr, including two baby showers to attend (for me!) and no carseat yet.

That being said…I think I’ll go make a countdown chain now.


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