immediate wishes 004

ha! can you believe there’s nothing I want right now? I’m perfectly content at the moment. hooray!!

ok, fine, fine. I would like for you to feel free to download my wallpaper creation, with all my adorable friends. ryan made up a name for the frog — well, it’s a story to begin with. we were talking online and he called me kiddo or something, which I said he shouldn’t do, so he tried tiger, another no, so he called me an uzbekistanian willow-branched stratified golden-beaked lizard. of course that’s awfully long so he said he’s just call me uzwilbrastragolbekard for short. oh man, the times we had with that. it was late, if that helps. but do try saying it out loud…ooze-will-bih-straggle-beck-ard, accent on straggle. teehee. after much careful thought we decided this was probably a more fitting name for the frog; just for the sake of brevity we’ve shortened it to “bekard.” perfect.


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