somber and elated

ok, I’m not really both at once. here are the reasons why I ought to be somber, and why I’m too elated to do so.

today at work mick sr held a council with all employees letting us know the current state of the company: not good. everyone was given the option of either moving to part time (20 hrs/week), or voluntarily leaving as part of a forced reduction. the second option would come with a week’s severance pay and eligibility for re-hire. of course, there will also be some mandatory layoffs, because we can’t keep everyone. luckily I get to be part of the “core group” consisting of administrative positions that will stay full-time. the risky part is that we can only guarantee full-time, or even part-time, work for the next 30 days. after that mick will reevaluate, and if things aren’t looking any better — well, it’s been fun.

but it isn’t really worrying me. I feel so absolutely ecstatic about going back to utah. I’m so super happy, like I haven’t been in a while. I mean I’ve been happy and all, but this is extra. lots more. isn’t it interesting that I made this decision right now, without knowing quite how much trouble mha is in? good timing. not on my part, but good timing nonetheless.

I sent out an email to everyone-ish letting them know I’ll be moving back, and asking for help finding housing. oh yeah, and I told seestur this morning. nemelka, q, and kamikaze all wrote back, sounding just as excited as I am. q actually called to chat for a while, and said he’ll keep an eye open for spots in the apartments near him. kamikaze was the first to reply, and said since she’s taken over the solarwind house I’m welcome to live there if I want. I’d be sharing a room with her the first semester, and then moving into seestur’s room after the wedding.

hm…it’s quite an idea. kamikaze says her friend who’ll be in the third room is also an english major, huzzah! I do love that house. my doubts come mainly because what if it’s too fun? am I really committed to this independent study thing, and will I be able to get work done? the tv was always on over there when nategust and nickelcade lived there. and we all know how I feel about tv. movies I don’t mind. maybe since seestur is engaged she watches less tv? more time with q? maybe? anyway. after I thought about it a while it seemed kind of silly to move back to utah for mainly social reasons and then try avoiding being social. yeah.

so there’s my elation. ryan has his 2 finals tomorrow, everyone cross your fingers that they’ll go well!


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