pirates. I’ve never met one (not that I’ll admit to), but I bet it would be fun. I imagine that with my luck, I’d stumble across a roguishly handsome captain—let me tell you what I think he’d be like. most people envision pirates as disagreeable, prickly fellows. not mine. he’s clean-shaven and always smiling, because in his mind he can see a picture of me. the gruff-and-scruffy persona isn’t for him; he’s a pirate because he loves the adventure, not the plunder. my captain would tell me about how his heart stopped the first time I smiled at him. he’s full of valor and courage in attacks but also brave enough to open his heart to me. despite the pirate stereotype, he can be patient, especially when I ask him to explain things like the difference between a dagger and a rapier or how to plot your course by being guided by the stars. ah, the stars. one of his favorite things would be watching the night sky while I sing him a song or he tells me a story, drifting peacefully on his ship.

this pirate who for so long traveled the world seeking riches and fortune would tell me that he’s found more joy than he could ever buy with a thousand years’ plunder. and I’m that joy. I’d smile, too pleased for words; he’d probably steal a kiss as he pulled me into his arms. do pirates get married? because I think my captain and I are in love, but if he can’t be mine forever then I’d rather not meet him to begin with. no, I don’t imagine pirates to be the type to make long commitments. I’ll let go of the stars and the ocean and the adventures quick as I can, before my captain has a chance to let go of me. one last breath of sea air and I return to my room. pirates. I’ve never met one (not that my broken heart will admit to), and I’m ok with that.

© 2003 m.m. lewis

apparently my captain only exists as a lego figure. nice scimitar.

my captain’s love
a poem inspired by the preceding prose

I’ve never met a pirate, but I think it might be fun
if I met a pirate captain, and by him, my heart was won.
I’m sure that he’d be pleasant, just as charming as could be,
and before too long, this handsome man would fall in love with me.
we’d sit out on the deck at night under the moonlight sky,
and he’d tell his best adventures or I’d sing a lullaby.
one peaceful night he’d hold me close, and you know what he’d do?
he’d kiss me once, then look at me, and tell me, “I love you.”
but pirates don’t just hang around for girls like me to find,
and so, alas, my captain’s love is only in my mind.