sleeping beauty?

yesterday I got home about 3:15 with a killer headache. I unfolded my futon and laid down for a nap. around six my mom woke me up for dinner; I went back to sleep after I finished eating, and woke up again at 3am. got a drink and re-entered the world of dreams. I finally got up this morning at ten, bringing my total sleep time to approximately 18 hours.

18 hours?! what the?

everyone who has responded to my “return of the mika” email has offered suggestions on where to live this fall, or said they’ll let me know if anything turns up. alicia even talked to her sister,who is moving out to provo in june, and explained my situation — so now a total stranger is accepting me as a potential roomie! that’s awfully nice. I’m still waiting for montgomery’s phone call, and hoping she might have a free spot wherever she’s planning to live. but, chances are increasing that I’ll go ahead and room with julia.

it’s starting to sound like tons and tons of fun. if the gustafson house is a party house, so be it — maybe I can actually follow through on all my old promises of “being more social this year.” I’m sure there’ll be plenty of places to go when I need a quiet break, and this should give me a good opportunity to host dinner parties. woohoo!! or as ryan would say, woo!! hoo!!

he called me yesterday about noon to let me know he was done with finals, done with the semester, done with the schoolyear. huzzah! I still kinda wish I could go out and visit this summer, so we could have good times at the cabin. if mha collapses, maybe I’ll take a week “between jobs” to do it.

everyone wants to know what day I’m coming. like I know that far in advance! and here we see mika taking part in ryan’s “playing it by ear” thing that drives me so crazy. but, I’m fine with it for now. I know I’m going back to utah and that’s plenty to keep me happy. not just happy, but ecstatic, euphoric. there’s a james taylor concert on saturday, august 20th…would really like for ryan and I to go together. now that I actually know most jt songs. quentin was talking about doing a caravan out to utah, with him, his sisters, jarom, and the rest the high school gang. it’d be right around the 19th or 20th. do you think it might work? I’d have to talk to ryan and see if he’ll let go with him. and find out if quentin can go on the 19th.

the one downside is that I don’t think I can bring my futon out to utah with me. blast, blast, blast. how am I going to sleep on a mattress? but, there’s just no place to put a futon. no room for it. I am very disappointed. if I were sharing a room with julia — there’s a bunk bed in there; and once I took over kimberlee’s room, what would happen to the bed that’s already in there? it is a dilemma, you see.

but it’s not a bad dilemma, because it means I’m moving!!


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