duma: or, why I need to live in africa

yesterday, my gloriously pleasant day off, I went with mi madre to see duma. good times, very good times. it’s interesting that when I like a movie, I pretty much like it completely. no complaints, no “it would’ve been better if they did such-and-such,” no alternate endings or whatnot. most other people I know tend to say, “it was good, except I thought they should have blah blah blah.” me, I like it or I don’t like it. maybe because I figure I’m sitting there for two hours, being entertained, so why would I gripe about not being entertained enough? but that’s just an idea.

so anyway, watch the movie trailer here. I’d like to get the soundtrack, but can’t seem to find if it’s been released yet or not.

now I want to watch the power of one again. maybe I can steal the tv tonight, yeah? the three places I want to go most: wales, south africa, and…well, ok, the two places I want to go most. oh how about italy? anyone who wants to give me a free ticket to any of those destinations is completely welcome to.

in case you were going to ask, no, I did not get a letter from jarom yet. but I did watch several episodes of love hina last night. which is almost the same, right? and today I got a blank notebook at barnes & noble. ah, it feels good to write on that first page. always.