On Saturday a friend asked me to substitute for her Sunday school class the following day. It was very last-minute, which was good because it minimized the time I had to stress about it.

See, the last time I taught a lesson in church was for the Sunbeam class (3-4 years old) about ten years ago.

I’m not a good teacher.

Despite preparation I was overwhelmingly nervous. And a little panicked. I apologized at the beginning of class, saying I’d never really taught before and didn’t know much about teaching. Without meaning to I rushed through the lesson. I was so afraid that the class members would think I was an idiot. Did I mention it was the 16-year-old girls? They were so sweet and kind.

I wasn’t sweet or kind. I was just flustered.


2 Comments on “Flustered”

  1. KHL says:

    You probably learned to be short and sweet from our FHE lessons!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Last time Marc and I spoke in Sacrament, almost nine years ago, we gave the shortest talks in history. They had to call people out of the audience to share their testimonies after we were done. We are pretty sure that they put that in our church records and that is why we haven’t been asked to speak again.

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