Because I rearranged some of the furniture in our living room, we have a very bare corner. I’m not sure what to do with it. Here are a few projects I’ve considered to fill the space, but in all likelihood will never do:

This fun artwork is made using a potato stamp! I really like the effect of stamping several triangles at a time so the amount of paint varies. I’d have to use small canvases, though, and I definitely don’t have room to do a triptych like this.

I may install some small Ikea shelves to display things on. The problem is, I’m not much of a Thing person – so I don’t have Things to display! But a terrarium with dinosaurs? I could see that.

Another Thing I might want to make is something similar to this Golden Lion from Etsy seller The Good Machinery. I’m leaning toward an anteater (on the off chance that I actually do this project!).

A while ago I saw this color theory project that a little kid did for Valentine’s Day cards. I’d use a different color palette and maybe frame it? Or just do it directly on a canvas?

I already have the materials to make these yarn balls. But I’m not sure if the idea will work in our living room. Yet another reason nothing gets done around here!

These paper quilt blocks are amazing. I like to think that with an X-Acto knife and some practice I could make these, or something similar. I love the look of the plain white paper.

Which project do you like? Do you have other ideas for how to fill a corner of my living room?


4 Comments on “Projects”

  1. Samara Clark says:

    We have an insanely huge wall in our house, long and skinny and to decorate it cheaply I took a bunch of canvases and glued/modge-podged pretty craft paper on them. Not so much a collage as just displaying beautiful paper. It was cheap and a quick project.

  2. KHL says:

    I like the paper quilt blocks best, but they seem the most labor intensive. I also wonder how long they’d look nice.

  3. The Champ says:

    Ditto, KHL. I love it! But I can think of so many ways of them getting ruined if my little people come visit.

  4. Deborah Simonds says:

    I have no idea which would look best, but note to self (and everyone else reading this), when Johann has a job I am making Henry the dinosaur one. Maybe a space version too.

    I take it back, I like the paper quilt blocks best but it does seem like they could be pretty intensive for how long they might last.

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