General Conference: Sunday afternoon

{ President Henry B. Eyring conducting }

{ choir: I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly }

{ prayer }

{ choir: I Am Trying to Be Like Jesus }

Elder Richard G. Scott
Two pillars of plan of happiness are marriage and family
Temple ordinances bind family together for eternity
Draw closer together as a family through the temple, more joy in mortality
Don’t waste time in idle pursuits – create an eternal family
Be mentally faithful to your spouse
Be kind, supportive of spouse and children
Tell your spouse often how much you love them
Pure love is an incomparable potent power for good
Mothers given divine instincts to understand their children
Marriage is wonderful!
Times of extreme happiness, times of testing, times of trial – together
Ideal setting for overcoming tendency to be selfish
With certainty, you will receive every promised blessing for which you are worthy

Elder D. Todd Christofferson
God of high expectations
3 Nephi 12:48
{ rest of talk lost to changing diapers etc. }

Elder Carl B. Pratt
{ feeding jr }
Lord remembers promises to those who pay tithing
Paying our debts to the Lord will help us be honest to our fellow men
Exodus 22:29
Show faith in the Lord by paying tithing first, honestly; teach children to do same
Don’t assume that since tithing is paid in money, we’ll be blessed with money
We are not promised wealth
Money and bank accounts are not God’s “richest blessings”
Regular tithe-payers find their testimonies strengthened

{ choir: Come, Ye Children of the Lord }

Elder Lynn G Robbins
What manner of men ought ye to be?
To be and to do are inseparable
Be without do is merely self-deception
Do without be is hypocrisy
Matthew 23:23
We create to-do lists, but rarely to-be lists
Events and activities can be checked off when done
Being is not an event
We are never done being good people
Christlike to-bes are the motivating force behind what we do
Discipline implies patience and teaching, never anger
{ jr is being wild }
Challenging children are an opportunity for us to become more Christlike
Never let failure progress from an action to an identity
Neither professions nor possessions should define identity or worth

Elder Benjamin De Hoyos
By living the gospel, we will become sanctified
Set apart time from our busy lives to rescue those alienated from church
{ my kids are really being crazy }

Well, I made it through almost all sessions! Only two talks were completely missed. Did you guys enjoy General Conference?


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