Happy Friday

For your perusal:

Fruity Segments free embroidery pattern at Carina’s Craftblog

Pterodactyl dresser? Yes, see it on isfive’s flickr stream

Martha Stewart’s pom-poms never turn out right for me.

When the Bwun is potty training, I’m buying one of these.

101 Mustache Gift-Giving Ideas

I can’t get over this gender reveal party. Need money and baby!

The Romgi’s signature dish: pan-seared ahi tuna (our favorite special occasion recipe)

A variety of free printable notepads from A Print A Day

Ocean by The John Butler Trio is incredible.


3 Comments on “Happy Friday”

  1. KHL says:

    Okay, that potty thing reminded me of those bouncy-balls that you sit on and bounce around. Hopefully, this is more of a stay-put thing. Just not sure about the “hoppop” part. The tuna sounded really good–not that I would try it because I now have a limit to how many ingredients I will allow per recipe!! Maybe sometime I will pay and you guys could cook it! Although sometime sorta recently I found a pineapple-ginger fish recipe that’s really tasty that I’d make for you sometime.

  2. kendy says:

    That John Butler performance was really amazing. I’m always impressed at how fast people can play the guitar. Did you see his nails? I wonder if he does that for playing, because the other hand was trimmed. Anyway, great music.

  3. Katie says:

    Hey! I just made a whole bunch of those pom poms (same article) and they didn’t turn out so well… we made them as decorations for our Relief Society thing this Thursday. I am glad it wasn’t just me who couldn’t get them just right! :)

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