My talented friend and neighbor Bridget is giving away a print of one of her recent watercolors – your choice! Enter the giveaway here on her blog, and make sure you check out the painting I’d pick. The collage below shows some of the other paintings you can choose from.

P.S. Right now I’m taking art lessons from Bridget. How cool is that?!



I know I’ve posted this print before, but I just saw today that there’s still at least one copy left for sale after I thought they were all gone:

Family Expedition by APAK!

I definitely plan to scrape together my extra money and buy this before it’s gone! (In other words, please don’t beat me to it – unless you’re giving it to me as a gift! …Maybe you should tell me, if that’s your plan.) I’m sure I can find a space for it in our living room.


P.S. Don’t worry – I bought it.

Please watch

The Romgi put up the most adorable video EVER on his blog. Go watch it. You’ll thank me.