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So here’s the deal. I’m crazy weird, but I want to know if you are too. When I go shopping with the Bwun, especially grocery shopping, I get back to the car with a cart full of fun things (or vegetables). Several things must be accomplished before I can head home: the groceries and the Bwun have to be put in the car, and the cart has to be returned to not-by-the-trunk.

I put the groceries away first – unless it’s raining or snowing (which has been known to happen a time or two), when the Bwun gets put in first. In nice weather, I take the Bwun out of his little perch in the cart and carry him with me while I return the shopping cart. Personally, I think steering the cart with one hand is more than a little tricky, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it. The problem is when the weather is bad. The Bwun is safely stowed in his carseat, the groceries are tucked in the trunk, and then…I have to walk away from the car to put the cart back. Am I paranoid for expecting that one day, some clever fiend is going to take advantage of my very temporary, very cautious distance from the car and snatch the Bwun?

If I’ve put the Bwun away, and it’s snowing or raining, I can’t leave a window down, and I worry about somehow stupidly locking myself out of the car (bound to happen at least once, I suppose) – with the Bwun inside. So I’m afraid that in the 5 or 10 seconds I’m gone some mastermind will see the unlocked car with the world’s cutest kid inside (plus those tasty veggies) and kidnap the Bwun. By taking my car.

Unrealistic, right?

What do you do when you’re loading groceries and kids in the car?

I also am deeply concerned, and probably overly cautious about it as a result, that while I’m putting the Bwun in the car, someone will snatch my diaper bag (doubles as a purse, so my wallet is inside). It’s too big to hold onto when I bundle the Bwun into his carseat, and when it’s pouring rain outside, getting him out of the rain is my first priority, so the bag is sitting in the cart with my groceries.

Like I said, crazy weird, but I’d rather be anticipating that criminal masterminds lurk in grocery store parking lots than surprised when I turn around and find the Bwun is gone.

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