February isĀ over!

We really had a miserable month, and I’m so glad February is over. How can such a short month feel so long?

Good things that happened: surviving, going to California for a friend’s wedding, and throwing a mustache party for the Bwun’s first birthday (pictures forthcoming).

Our trip to California was extremely short, but we took some pictures at the Oakland temple so we could prove we were having fun. See?

The view from the balcony. Foggy and cold!

I think we're getting older. I don't look 14 anymore. (Good!)

The temple. Overcast.

Not that you care, but I love my yellow shoes.

And my tip-toe spring outfit.

The oh-so-happy couple coming out of the temple. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Andaluz!

I think this is a camellia? Anyone?

We were seated near the cake at the reception, but not in a good picture-taking position, and this is the best I was able to get while trying to keep the Bwun from grabbing the camera, my food, the candles, my glass of water...

It was a very enjoyable trip for the Romgi and I, although I think it would have felt more like a vacation if it had been longer than 30 hours. We were impressed with how the Bwun did on the plane – he mostly just flirted (quite shamelessly) with the stewardess on the way there, and tried to look out the window on the way back. Not too bad.

As for the mustache party, I had Quentin take pictures with his nice camera, and I’m waiting to get copies. In the meantime, please compare these pictures of Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation and the Romgi with his mustache.

Ron Swanson

The Romgi

More posts soon, I promise! Now that I’m not sick and finally have working internet again, I should be writing at least every other day.