Sad day.

I got so caught up in posting pictures of our trip and finding cool things I want that I forgot to tell you: my pet rat died last weekend.

He was rather old, for a rat; it’s been just over two years since I got him. The past few weeks have been hard because the poor little guy’s health was really deteriorating. By the end he was so weak he couldn’t eat or drink at all. I know, he was just a rat, but it was sad to see him suffering and then finally pass on late Friday night.

Sniff sniff.

We still have the Romgi’s rat, who seems to be perfectly healthy still. The two were about the same age, so we’ll see how the Romgi’s rat holds up. But I miss mine!


Weekly cookie jar

(I think I’ll switch to this instead of trying to do a daily gift. Feedback?)

Lovebird bowl in teal from PrinceDesignUK

Lucha Libre: Uno button from Paul and Kat

Moustache Bandages from Urban Outfitters (back in stock!)

Animal Alphabet Print from LadandLass

The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You from Paper Source

Ampersand pillow from alexandraferguson

PlayShapes Wooden Blocks from Miller Goodman

The Picture of Dorian Gray from Penguin Classics

Animals Nesting Boxes from Modern Dose

Raileen dress from Stop Staring