Berkley Illustration

Did I ever tell you about the prints we bought from Etsy a while ago?

This is one of them. The Romgi and I each picked two. We also have a dog, a rat, and a sloth. They’re framed and hanging all in a row in our hallway.


Happy Friday

For your perusal:

Fruity Segments free embroidery pattern at Carina’s Craftblog

Pterodactyl dresser? Yes, see it on isfive’s flickr stream

Martha Stewart’s pom-poms never turn out right for me.

When the Bwun is potty training, I’m buying one of these.

101 Mustache Gift-Giving Ideas

I can’t get over this gender reveal party. Need money and baby!

The Romgi’s signature dish: pan-seared ahi tuna (our favorite special occasion recipe)

A variety of free printable notepads from A Print A Day

Ocean by The John Butler Trio is incredible.