Christmas, several months later

Remember Christmas last year? Me too, and since I finally got the pictures off our camera I thought I’d share. Because it’s my blog and you should care about whatever I say.

We took the train out to my parents’ house in California. It was nice – we’d gone together once before, before the Bwun’s time. He absolutely loved the train. It left Utah around his bedtime on a Friday night and he had a lot of daylight hours on Saturday to walk me up and down the aisles. He also learned how to wave. The Bwun was a big hit with the other passengers.

The three of us had a lot of fun adventures in California visiting friends and family, but I didn’t bring the camera with me most of those times. Sorry.

Here are the pictures I do have.

Instead of a pine tree (real or fake), my mom does this fun minimalist bubble tree.

The Bwun's stocking: Ikea stuffed animals and a bouncy ball with a light inside. The Romgi and I kind of stole the ball from the Bwun. It's a pretty cool ball.

The Bwun's stocking: a dinosaur. It is a great dinosaur.

The rest of us opened presents while the Bwun was asleep, and once he got up it was tricky to convince him to open his presents. Too young, I guess.

This was before the Bwun got a haircut. He really needed one.

A piggy bank from Aunt Kendy! (Duckie bank?)

A wooden train from Ma & Pa!

A baby iPod from Grandma & Grandpa!

A dinosaur from Aunt Kendy (lower right), and a set of 3 Little Pigs houses and pigs - plus wolf - from Grandma & Grandpa!

The 3 pigs, plus a Bwun who finally woke up enough to enjoy life.

Train ride home. The Bwun had been wolfing down Wheat Thins.

Weather changes: Just outside Davis, CA...

Past Sacramento...

In the Sierras.

The Romgi and I took shifts with the Bwun. Mine usually included being the Bwun's pillow.

Donner Lake. Brr!

I have no idea.

My boy on the train. I'm glad he had fun.

What did you do for Christmas?

And now, I have to go change a diaper. Lately the Bwun is trying to reduce the Romgi’s stress level by only pooping when the Romgi is gone and can’t change diapers. Unfair. Thoughtful, though, I suppose.



5 Comments on “Christmas, several months later”

  1. KHL says:

    I never would have thought of “minimalist bubble tree.” It looks rather un-elegant in photos. And great pics of the Bwun. What’s with that halo one (I think #10)? Is it just light or something real on his head?

  2. mikaroni says:

    The light from the curtains?

  3. Katie says:

    My favorite is the “I don’t know” picture. I love the Bwun’s squinchy nose!! Sounds like a fun Christmas, and I’m glad you’re back. I can’t believe how much older he is looking. :) Merry Christmas (the weather today warrants a “Merry Christmas”)

  4. KHL says:

    I also thought he looks older now and it hasn’t been that long!

  5. mikaroni says:

    He is getting older every day.

    But seriously, sometimes I look at him and can’t figure out when he got so big and (comparatively) grown up!

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