ow ow, ow ow ow ow

I’ve been on my feet for the last six hours, baking a 12-layer cake and then cleaning up after it.

needless to say I’m a bit too tired to really write much. but pscu is finally done, done, done!, so there’s some relief there. and we got more work from scott labs, so it looks like we’ll survive this episode of “the sky is falling.”

so ready for utah. well, I guess not. jarom will be back in 6 weeks (can you believe it?), and then david, alex, and va yee all come back in july from their various international travels. and I really want to be here for all that. but right now I’d like to be in provo, watching a stupid movie like napoleon dynamite with ryan, kimberlee, quentin, julia, jennifer, aubrey, nemelka, alicia, nate, maybe even cuddled up with jarom. man oh man the times we’re gonna have.

for now I’m gonna go crash. possibly I’ll wake up for work tomorrow. yeah, just kidding, I definitely will. ’cause I need the stupid money. I’m supposed to get new tires tomorrow. I really don’t want to pay for them, at all, but I’m so scared to drive around with bad tires. anyway. I’m actually going to shut up now.

happy cinco de mayo, and goodnight…


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