judge advocate general

I confess, despite my strong aversion towards and sometimes violent tirades against television, I love the show jag. absolutely love it. if I were ever going to buy dvds of a tv show, I’d buy every blasted season of jag. and the very very very last episode was on last week — my dear mother was kind enough to record it for me, since I don’t watch tv anymore and didn’t even know it was coming up on the end.

so I watched it tonight! the end, the end, the end. no more jag. harm and mac got engaged, finally, like we were all waiting for. everyone knew they had to end up together, of course, but I think the screenwriters stretched the limits of reason a little bit. it wasn’t entirely believable. oh well; they’re getting married, and they can’t stop smiling. ahh.

I got to talk to aubrey tonight!! it made me so happy. she’s one of the coolest people I know. ever. she’s in reno right now, selling alarm systems with her brother. they probably won’t come out to sacramento, which is too bad, but now that I know I’ll be back in utah this fall it’s alright. we’re going to have so much fun, it’s ridiculous. oh and I told her about kimberlee being engaged, and she was duly effervescent about that. it sounds like aubrey will be engaged in the next 5 or 6 months, too…that just leaves me, dangit…though who knows? maybe things will go super-awesome with jarom. you just never know.

and I got a letter from jennifer, a lovely letter, it totally made my day.

and as if my day wasn’t already made, I got a call from david, from iraq! I really enjoyed talking to him, and I wish there were something I could do for him, something I could send. just letters I guess, and I’ll have to make up some brilliant stories. although I did get him to agree that we could write a choose-your-own-adventure tangent story together, set in the desert. I figure he knows what it’s like out there eh?

yeah and to make things even better — can they get better? — I mailed off ryan’s forgot-me package, with the cereal, the pistachios, the book he doesn’t know about, some lindt truffles, some altoids tangerine sours, and goodies for steph & paul. (for them I got movie treats: popcorn, fun-sized snickers, and red vines.) so that will get there on wednesday. hooray!

all-in-all it’s been a wonderful day. granted, I had to do 4 hours of pec prep at work, and my dad was stupid earlier. when I got home he came in and said, “I’d like to request that when you’re at home and not asleep, you keep your door open so we know you’re awake and it’s okay to bother you.” I countered with, “then can I request that the rest of you be quieter?” well, of course that’s a no. I explained that the tv is always on, and I can hear it so clearly from my room if the door is open, and I have something against tv. “that’s sad,” he said, and walked away. wouldn’t answer my questioning call after him, wondering what was sad about it and why. so my door is open right now. I dislike it; I can hear the tv, but if I turn music on loud enough to drown it out then they can’t hear the tv. and they’ll ask me to close my door. circular logic, honestly. besides, sometimes I just want quiet, and sometimes I just want privacy, and that’s why I have my own room. I won’t get a room all to myself from the end of august till the beginning of january, so I’d like to enjoy this while I can. but, it appears not.

aside from that, however, today has been excellent, in complete contradiction to the dictated laws of the universe about mondays.

I even think I could marry jarom today. …if.


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