I wish your happy days..

yeah, Korean stationery still makes no sense.

that’s right, boys and girls, my letter came! I had a feeling it would today. can’t say that it was a really wonderful letter, but hey, at least I’ve heard from him now. he did say he hopes I get better (haven’t ever detailed why I came home from byu) or at least stay alive long enough for him to see me again before I die. touching huh?

I already told jarom I’d only send one more letter after the last one, since it’s the end of his mission. that whole distraction thing, thought I’d try less of it. so here’s the final mika to elder hillery letter (oh yeah, we’ve been trying to outdo each other in terms of strange paper):

“dear elder,

fine, I concede; you stole the show with the pink flying sheep. although a hamburger with a face is almost as bizarre, right?

thanks for answering all my questions. I actually don’t have any more at the moment. I’m very pleased that you’ll be able to meet your goal of reaching the highest level of proficiency in korean. it sounds like it has enabled you to get a lot more depth in your cultural experiences.

the operation was a success! mika is now 100% brain tumor free.

alright, alright, there was no operation, and I was already brain tumor free. but I did discover the cause of the mysterious illness, and it is fixable. I got a prescription filled today (that means legal drugs) and I even get to start physical therapy. so, assuming I’m not beaten to death by an old enemy, or killed in a car accident, I should be alive still when you come home.

yesterday I went to the singles ward and the first person I saw when I walked in was…elizabeth felix! she’s just as awesome as ever, and happy to hear that you’re doing well (or at least, doing well according to me).

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your letters, both email and paper, and your missionary experiences have been a pleasure to hear about. keep working hard! these last weeks will probaby be the most rewarding of your mission if you put forth the effort to make them so. I’ll break from my attempts to keep you focused — just ever-so-briefly — and say that I’m rather excited (although somewhat nervous) to see you soon. but until then, BE AN AWESOME MISSIONARY!


p.s. you can have birthday cupcakes eventually, I promise. they’re delayed this year. : ) “


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