new blog title

farewell to the loveable “we didn’t know she was schizophrenic.” (for the story of why we didn’t know, click here.) I’ve never been a big fan of january; it always seemed to need livening up. so, one dreary january midmorning last year, I put on one of my cowboy hats and went to lunch with some friends, who seemed to require an explanation for my peculiar headgear. I simply said, “I don’t like january. hence the cowboy hat.”

the cowboy hat then becomes a metaphor for my attempt to make life bearable, enjoyable, fun. this blog has been thoroughly helpful so far, and will probably get me through the next two months* with minimal pain and suffering (knock on wood). so…hence the cowboy hat.

*no letter. ryan says he thinks I’ll get one tomorrow. the weekly email should show up sometime tonight. crossed fingers!


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